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Become a market leader in half the time with great sales partners.

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Key features

Get New Leads Fast

Give your partners the best way to declare new leads without causing channel conflicts. Get to your leads when it matters most – ASAP.

Effortlessly share training and documents to your partners to keep everyone on the same page, at all times.

Work with your partners to create the perfect business, marketing, and training plans that gets the best results. For both of you.

Keep everything connected easily with Kiflo. Our program connects seamlessly with all the major CRM software on the market.
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Here’s how a sales partner program helps drive your business growth…

A Bigger Sales Force For Less

Think of partners as an extension of your sales team.

Get more for less as they become heavily involved in the sales process, helping you generate more sales without having to pay for a bigger sales team.

Experience International Exponential Growth

International sales partners make breaking into foreign markets easy.

They give you the access you need to grow your business overseas, without you having to deal with language barriers, different cultures or local laws.

Increase Your Business Value

Increase customer loyalty and decrease loss with partners that help you onboard, manage or integrate your offer.

They keep your customers happy while you reap the benefits.


Discover Kiflo PRM

Optimal for companies wishing to build an ecosystem of complementary partners to become a market leader.

Starting at $400 a month. View all plans.

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