March 25, 2022

Kiflo Feature Updates: The Bonobo Release

Streamline your Partnership Management operations with our newest feature updates.


Many people attribute planning for the future a uniquely human quality; we collect data, save for our retirement, and even dream up the names of our future children—the list goes on and on. We select, build, and plan for the things we know we will need later.

But we are not the only creatures on this big blue rock who use this strategy. Studies show that Bonobo Apes select, transport, and save tools. Not only that, but they can recall the purpose of the tool and use it much later than when they initially collected it. Incredible!

What’s New With Kiflo?

We named this update after the clever Bonobo because many of our newest features allow you to plan and build tools in Kiflo’s Partner Platform now so that can streamline your partner management tasks moving forward. In addition, much like the social Bonobo who often shares food and resources both inside and outside of their immediate group, you’ll be able to share some love with your larger professional network in just a few easy steps.

Alright, let’s quit monkeying around and dive into the details of Kiflo’s newest features.

Feature #1: Kiflo’s Customer Referral Page

You can now easily participate in our Customer Referral Program from your dashboard in Kiflo’s Partner Platform. Just click on your name in the top right corner of the platform, and then on Refer Kiflo.

Refer Kiflo
Where to find the Refer Kiflo page in the platform.

Our program allows you to refer your network members to our team in two simple ways:

  1. Direct Referral: Manually enter the name and email address of someone you think would benefit from Kiflo. We will reach out to them directly to start the conversation.

  2. Share the News: Share your customized referral link where ever and however you see fit. If potential customers use your link within 30 days to purchase Kiflo’s Partner Platform, you’ll be credited. We’ve even created a Success Kit with social media templates to save you time and energy.

Methods for Customer Referral
Screenshot of the two Customer Referral methods on the program's page.

Each time one of your leads purchases a Kiflo subscription, they will get $50 off for three months ($150 total value), and you will receive $200 in your pocket. Easy peasy.

When Will You Use the Customer Referral Program?

Some examples of when this feature will be beneficial include:

  • You know an individual or company who will benefit from Kiflo’s intuitive Partner Platform

  • You know that members of your larger audience or network could benefit from hearing about Kiflo

  • Your partners have an extensive network of companies that would profit from using Kiflo (that’s right—partners can refer customers, too!)

Learn more about how to use Kiflo’s Customer Referral Program in this short tutorial:

Feature #2: Views

The Bonobo Release also includes an exciting new feature that, like our furry friends, allows you to easily call upon tools and see information in Kiflo. You already know that you can customize data properties you’d like to track in your partner profiles. Now, those properties can be repurposed as a filter for recalling and searching for data.

There is now a tabs bar on all the main pages in Kiflo’s platform. Each of these tabs comes with default views based on common needs for that page, but are also 100% customizable. You can add, remove, or even reorder the Views by clicking Manage Views to the right of the tabs bar.

Manage Views
Screenshot of the Manage Views menu in Kiflo, where you can create, delete, or reorder default views.

When Will You Use Views?

The short answer: all the time. I mean, it would be bananas not to. Because any property you’ve added to partner profiles can be added as either a private or team-wide filter, some examples of how this might be used include:

  • Filtering Transactions View to track how a specific service is selling

  • Filtering the Partners View by type of program or partner to follow that program’s activity

  • Filtering the Payout View to search for invoices that need to be paid

  • Filtering the Tasks View to discover what tasks are overdue or upcoming

As you can see, there are a ton of ways Views can be utilized to recall and manage the data/activities occurring in your partner programs. Learn more about this feature in the video below:

Feature #3: Embedded Viewer

Another exciting feature included in the Bonobo Release is the Embedded Viewer. After uploading any Microsoft Office Suite document, PDF, or image to your Assets folders, you will now see that you have the option to simply view the file directly in Kiflo. You can also zoom in, zoom out, and change pages in the new viewer. You still have the option to download the file if you’d like, but with this nifty new update, it won’t be necessary to do so.

Embedded Viewer
Screenshot of a PDF document in Kiflo's new Embedded Viewer.

Feature #4: Tracking Activities

Last but not least, this update includes a new Activities tab within your partners’ profiles that tracks their engagement. Much like how scientists observe the behaviors of primates to better understand them, you can now closely follow what partners do in Kiflo, how often they do it, and when. This data (along with the forthcoming autodetection tool we currently have in the works) will allow you to easily find and contact inactive partners, ensuring that no one falls between the cracks.

To use this feature, you’ll first click on a partner profile and then the Activities tab. You’ll first notice an interactive calendar that shows when and how much a partner is active. If you hover on the tiles, the specific date for that month will appear. You can also click on the chart’s tiles to see what specific activities were done that day in the list below.

Tracking Activities
The new Activities tab in Kiflo includes an interactive calendar and a list of recent partner activities for the selected timeframe.

When Will You Use Activities?

Some use cases for this particular feature include:

  • Finding and contacting inactive partners to ensure high partner engagement and overall program health

  • Evaluating the overall consistency of a partner

  • Tracking the main activities that a partner completes during a specific amount of time

Do you have questions about Kiflo’s Bonobo Release? Want to see these features in action? Contact us directly or connect with us on LinkedIn. We are always here to help! 

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