Drive Partner Success at Every Stage

Organize, leverage, and scale your partner ecosystem with an easy-to-use platform that doesn’t break the bank.
Grow through partnersthips

Optimize Your Partner Journey

Kiflo streamlines each stage of your partnerships so you can focus on what matters most: building a thriving and enduring partner program.

01. Launch

Partnerships are the fastest-growing revenue channel. Catapult your success by building a partner program in Kiflo that is tailored to your company’s unique goals and needs.
Create unique Affiliate, Referral, and Reseller partner programs
Build tailored tiers for each type of partner program
Customize partner portals for each partner segment

02. Recruit

Attract and recruit committed partners for your programs, all in one place.
Connect your website to Kiflo to manage all incoming partner applications
Manage all inbound and outbound program growth strategies with the Prospection Pipeline
“Communicate with your team and document important updates on potential partners”

03. Onboard

Nurture motivated, activated, and fully enabled partners with a full-proof partner onboarding strategy.
Create comprehensive and self-serve onboarding pipelines by partner type
Share key product, sales, and marketing materials to activate partners
Build customized certifications to ensure partners are fully enabled and ready to succeed

04. Engage

Nurture excited, motivated, and supported partners at each step of their journey by providing an easy-to-use hub for tasks and growth.
Break the 80/20 rule by automatically reaching out to inactive partners using automated workflows
Easily share and manage leads with partners, ensuring everyone wins (and wins often)
Keep your program top-of-mind with partners by sharing important updates

05. Track

Optimize your goals and operations to increase productivity and make data-driven decisions.
Get 360 insight into partner operations, including updates on leads and deals
Customize your metrics to make informed decisions, improve processes, and go after new opportunities
Manage the progress of partners’ productivity to be proactive in their success

06. Rewards

Nurture trust and prove mutual benefit with partners by simplifying rewards, benefits, and payouts.
Keep partners motivated with automatically calculated rewards and incentives
Streamline payouts of rewards and benefits
Build trust and transparency by tracking collaborative goals

07. Scale

Kiflo’s holistic data and automation capabilities allow you to proactively strengthen and scale your partner ecosystem.
Reduce tedious manual tasks so you can focus on growth
Centralize program operations and communications in one place
Use holistic data to find strengths and points of improvement in your program
Increase success and efficiency in all of your programs

Success for Every Type of Partner

With Kiflo, you can easily build, track, and scale multiple partner programs simultaneously.

Referral Partners

Leverage the trust built between leads and Referral Partners to increase your customer base.

Reseller Partners

Reach more customers and scale revenue with empowered Reseller Partners.

Affiliate Partners

Increase brand reach, gain awareness in new markets, and drive traffic with Affiliate Partners.
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Kiflo is here to grow with you

Success for Every Size of Partner Program

Whether you are just kicking off your partner program or have a mature ecosystem.


Create a completely customized and appealing partner program with the help of Kiflo’s platform, academy, resources, and support team.


Take your program to the next level by increasing the number of partners, opportunities, and tiers.


Keep your mature ecosystem thriving by automating and improving key processes.

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