Increase Your Sales with Reseller Partners

Expand your customer base by empowering the independent vendors and agencies that sell your software directly.
“The main goal of using Kiflo was to have it be our primary source of truth for everything, for the partners and for us”
Jedida Ravindran
Partnerships Manager
Key reseller features

Gain Confidence From Your Resellers

Kiflo let your resellers register their deals and ensure each opportunity is secure.

Boost Partner Confidence & Loyalty

Successful partnerships begin by building trust. With Kiflo, Reseller Partners know that each deal registered is secure, visible, and organized to avoid any channel conflict.

Give Partners the Materials They Need to Succeed

Easily share product, sales, and marketing materials with Resellers, keeping them enabled and up-to-date on key changes.

Helps Reseller Partners Be Experts On Your Products & Services

Encourage your Reseller Partners to be true evangelists of your solutions by structuring and sharing your product catalog.