Partner Program Tiers: The Set Up Process A-Z


When you design a partnership program, you must be aware that no two partners are alike. You’ll have partners who can send potential customers your way through references, and others who walk a customer through the entire sales process themselves. Every partner is motivated by something different. Thus, catering to the needs of each partner while scaling your program is next to impossible. The solution – Partner Program Tiers.

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Is Your Company Ready For a Partner Program?


If you are in the tech industry, you have probably wondered if it would be smart to establish a partner program. Whether it be to generate more leads, strengthen your workforce, or conquer new markets, the benefits of a partner program are tempting enough. But how do you know you’re ready?

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4 Ways a Partner Program can Save your Business in the Time of COVID-19

Steven Muhr

Steven Muhr, on February 10, 2021

5 minutes reading time reduce costs partnerprogram COVID19


For business owners, the pandemic has been a challenge unlike any other. The situation has forced even the most traditional old-school companies to put on their creative hats and brainstorm innovative solutions to grow. Here are the reasons why one of the most popular strategies that has evolved in challenging COVID Time is channel partnerships.

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10 Benefits Of A Channel Partner Program


An effective partner program can take some energy and upfront investment. Is it really worth your time to grow your company? Discover the 10 benefits a partner program can bring your company.

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Establish a Partner Business Plan in 2021: Why is it so important?

Steven Muhr

Steven Muhr, on January 05, 2021

4 minutes reading time PRM Business Plan

Partner Business Plan

Establishing a clear, operational business plan while setting measurable objectives is a necessity to ensure the success of the partner relationship. The partner business plan is a roadmap which makes it possible to start collaborating with partners and instill a positive dynamic over time.

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Top 7 Skills to Look for In A Partner Manager

Steven Muhr

Steven Muhr, on December 03, 2020

4 minutes reading time partner manager partner program

Top skills when hiring a Partner Program Manager

If you are planning to start or expand your partner program, it’s high time you had a partner manager on board. Since it is a relatively new position, created to cater to the emerging business strategy, you may feel a little unsure as to what qualities to look for in a partner manager. Worry not! In this blog article, we are talking about the top 7 skills to look for when hiring a professional to manage your partner programs.

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Partner Persona: How to find your Ideal Partner

Steven Muhr

Steven Muhr, on December 01, 2020

4 minutes reading time partner persona partner program


Partner programs are the best way to boost business growth, multiply revenue, and increase customer retention. That’s precisely why companies all over the world are investing in affiliate, referral, and sales partner programs, etc. Discover how to find your ideal Partner Persona.

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4 Examples to Help You Build the Perfect SaaS Partner Program

Steven Muhr

Steven Muhr, on November 04, 2020

5 minutes reading time PRM SaaS Partner Program


Companies use affiliate partners to target a wider audience, referral partners to target qualitative leads, and resellers to increase their sales force. If you want to take this path, here are a few partner programs and strategic alliance examples you can inspire from to build a successful partner ecosystem.

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How to Start a Sales Partner Program

Steven Muhr

Steven Muhr, on October 22, 2020


In today's world, a Sales Partner Program and partner management are the best ways for a company to grow. Discover how to get started.

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How a PRM Solution Changed My Daily Life as a Partnership Manager

Steven Muhr

Steven Muhr, on May 12, 2020

6 minutes reading time PRM Partnership Management Methodology

Partnership Management

At the idea of ​​setting up a PRM solution to manage and develop the indirect sales of my company, I was rather skeptical. I was doing very well with my Excel sheets. At least, I thought so…

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Partner Relationship Management: PRM has become a Necessity (Forrester Research)

Steven Muhr

Steven Muhr, on April 03, 2020

6 minutes reading time Forrester PRM

PRM Forrester Necessity

The industrialization of partner relationship management processes has become a necessity for companies. At any rate, this is what a recent study conducted by Forrester in the fourth quarter of 2018 states...

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PRM: A Winning Strategy for Successful Indirect Sales

Steven Muhr

Steven Muhr, on February 28, 2020

4 minutes reading time PRM Indirect Sales Tools

Indirect Sales Strategies

Optimizing processes, Gaining visibility, Boosting indirect sales: These are the major advantages of a PRM or Partner Management Software.

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CRM-PRM: Differences and Synergies to Develop your Sales

Steven Muhr

Steven Muhr, on December 02, 2019

6 minutes reading time PRM CRM


CRM-PRM solutions are a real revolution for companies wishing to cover their entire market. These management platforms make direct and indirect sales processes more dynamic, improve productivity, and promote sales reach.

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