How to Start a Sales Partner Program

Steven Muhr

Steven Muhr, on October 22, 2020


In today's world, a Sales Partner Program and partner management are the best ways for a company to grow. Discover how to get started.

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How a PRM Solution Changed My Daily Life as a Partnership Manager

Steven Muhr

Steven Muhr, on May 12, 2020

6 minutes reading time PRM Partnership Management Methodology

Partnership Management

At the idea of ​​setting up a PRM solution to manage and develop the indirect sales of my company, I was rather skeptical. I was doing very well with my Excel sheets. At least, I thought so…

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Partner Relationship Management: PRM has become a Necessity (Forrester Research)

Steven Muhr

Steven Muhr, on April 03, 2020

6 minutes reading time Forrester PRM

PRM Forrester Necessity

The industrialization of partner relationship management processes has become a necessity for companies. At any rate, this is what a recent study conducted by Forrester in the fourth quarter of 2018 states...

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PRM: A Winning Strategy for Successful Indirect Sales

Steven Muhr

Steven Muhr, on February 28, 2020

4 minutes reading time PRM Indirect Sales Tools

Indirect Sales Strategies

Optimizing processes, Gaining visibility, Boosting indirect sales: These are the major advantages of a PRM or Partner Management Software.

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Establish a Partner Business Plan in 2020: Why is it so important?

Steven Muhr

Steven Muhr, on January 03, 2020

4 minutes reading time PRM Business Plan

Partner Business Plan

Establishing a clear, operational business plan while setting measurable objectives is a necessity to ensure the success of the partner relationship. The partner business plan is a roadmap which makes it possible to start collaborating with partners and instill a positive dynamic over time.

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CRM-PRM: Differences and Synergies to Develop your Sales

Steven Muhr

Steven Muhr, on December 02, 2019

6 minutes reading time PRM CRM


CRM-PRM solutions are a real revolution for companies wishing to cover their entire market. These management platforms make direct and indirect sales processes more dynamic, improve productivity, and promote sales reach.

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