June 01, 2022

Kiflo Feature Updates: The Chameleon Release

Learn how to organize and scale your Partnership Management duties with our latest feature updates.


Like many creatures Hollywood has portrayed over the years, the Chameleon is misunderstood. Many believe that Chameleons can change the hue of their scales to match the detail of any surface they are on or around—for example, changing their appearance to resemble red petals while resting on a blooming rose bush—but this is simply not the case.  

While it’s true that Chameleons can make small color adjustments to camouflage with a particular environment, according to National Geographic, the bright and beautiful color changes they’re most known for are reserved for other aspects of survival: defending territory and attracting mates.

What’s New With Kiflo?

It’s for this reason that we decided to name our latest update after our scaly pals. Our newest features will help you carve a territory—in this case, a centralized partner platform—that is 100% yours.

And while we can’t promise that these features will help you attract a mate (sorry, our powers have limits, too), we can promise that these features will help you attract and maintain engaged partners.

Let’s shake a tail and jump into our latest and greatest features.

Feature #1: Custom Domains

Just like the brilliant Chameleon uses color to let other creatures know they’ve entered claimed territory, you can now customize your domain to inform and direct partners to your branded partner platform. For just $50 a month, you can add the custom domain feature to completely camouflage the Kiflo software from your partners. You can request this update from a Kiflo expert from the Domain page, located in the Manage section of your account. 

Request your custom domain add-on for just $50 per month in your Kiflo account.

When You’ll Use Custom Domains

  • To strengthen the authority of your brand and partner programs

  • To solidify the presence of your partner program in the larger industry

  • To show partners you are investing in them by providing a customized and intuitive partner platform 

Feature #2: Invitations from Partners to Team Members

You now have the opportunity to give your partners permission to manage their own teams. When this permission is enabled in the partner settings, the Main Contact listed for that particular partner will be able to add and remove as many team members as they’d like by simply sending unique links. The partner owner will be notified each time a change occurs to the partner’s team. You can also, of course, leave the permission disabled—the default setting for this feature. 

Watch this short video below to see how to enable this feature in Kiflo: 

When You’ll Use Invitations from Partners to Team Members

  • To streamline partner management tasks

  • To shift your partner program to a more scalable model 

  • To give your partners autonomy over their team and partnership operations

Feature #3: Bookmarked Assets

Another fun fact about Chameleons is that they have negative lenses in their eyes, meaning that the lenses are concave. Studies have shown that because of these unique lenses, a chameleon's eyes are capable of focusing and enlarging visual images like a telephoto lens at rapid speeds. We realized that, when it comes to important assets that you want your partners to view, like, yesterday, you need a feature that allows them to see these documents as quickly as a Chameleon. 

Partners can access assets quickly and easily via their Kiflo Partner Dashboard.

The Bookmarked Assets feature allows partners to do just that; you can save the most important assets to a highly-visible section of the partner dashboard, enabling your partners to see and access them at a moment's notice. These assets can be whole folders or single items. You can even add multiple Bookmarked Assets sections to partner dashboards and organize them based on things like topic (i.e. Products, Marketing, etc.) or even by Partner Program (i.e. Referral, Reseller, etc.). 

When You’ll Use Bookmarked Assets

  • To provide onboarding materials for new partners and/or train existing partners on the latest updates

  • To communicate important information, such as company values, product details, pitch language, etc. 

  • To ensure partners are supported and aligned with your program’s goals

Feature #4: Daily Digest Emails & GDPR Compliance 

Just like Chameleons get their daily dose of yummy bugs, partners used to receive daily emails when vendors added new Assets or News articles to the Kiflo platform. Now, Partners can enable and disable Daily Digest email notifications for new Assets and News. The permission toggle for both the Assets Daily Digest and the News Daily Digest emails can be found in the Settings section of the Partner Portal, as pictured below. 

Partners now have control over notifications for Daily Digest emails and notifications for new Assets and News articles.

All transactional emails now contain a link to the notification center to make sure partners have more control of notifications. This feature is especially important for GDPR, an ever-evolving set of data security and marketing regulations that Kiflo works diligently to comply with.

Other Important Updates

You didn’t think we’d stop there, did you? Here’s a comprehensive list of the smaller (but just as mighty) features released in The Chameleon Update: 

New Notification Options

Users now have the option to receive notifications in-app and/or by email when: 

  • They are set as a partner, lead, and/or deal owner

  • A deal is closed or won

  • When a task is assigned to them

Users can control notifications for lead, deal, and partner ownership, as well as for deals closed or won.

All of these notifications can be enabled by clicking your name in the top right corner of the application, then Profile, and finally Notifications. Both Vendors and Partners can enable notifications from this location in their respective accounts. However, these pages will look differently depending on the type of user. 


  • Vendors can now add attachments directly to customer accounts. To do this, go to the customer’s profile, then to the Attachments tab, and click the Add Attachments button. You’ll have the option to drag and drop or search for files to attach. These attachments will only be visible to you and your team. 

  • Vendors can now add tasks directly to customer accounts by going to their profile, clicking the Tasks tab, and then clicking the New Task button. 

Other Capabilities

  • Vendors now have the capability to hide task pages from partners. This is especially useful for your programs, such as Affiliate Programs, who might not need or use the tasks page. To do this, go to your Programs page. Click on a specific partner program and then switch the toggle off for "Allow partners to view tasks".

  • Partner-related properties can now be included when exporting deals. This can be done by first going to the Deals page. Once you click the Export button, a pop-up will appear which now includes a toggle to “Include properties from associated partners.” Turn this on to export this data along with deals. 

Export your deal data along with partner-related properties.
  • Vendors can now choose to send an application rejection email when an applicant is not accepted to the program. This feature is found on the Partners page under the Pending Applications tab. Click on the applicant you’d like to reject, then the reject button. You’ll then have the option to send an automated email to the rejected applicant or not. 

  • Vendors no longer have to provide specific values when defining rewards and benefits for their partner programs. 

Do you have questions about Kiflo’s Chameleon Release? Want to see these features in action? Contact us directly or connect with us on LinkedIn. We are always here to help! 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Kiflo allow for Customized Domains?

Yes! For just an additional $50 per month, customers can benefit from a completely customized domain for their Partner Platform.

Can Partners manage their own teams in Kiflo?

With our latest update, users listed as the Main Contact for a partner can now add, manage, and delete team members from their Partner Portal.

Can Assets be bookmarked on Partner Dashboards in Kiflo?

Absolutely! Customers now have the option to create and organize multiple Bookmarked Assets widgets for their partner’s dashboards.

Is Kiflo GDPR compliant?

Kiflo is GDPR compliant. While this is an ever-changing set of rules and regulations, Kiflo works diligently to keep this status.

Can I turn off notifications and emails in Kiflo?

Yes, all of the notification options can be enabled or disabled by going to the Notifications tab on the Profile page.

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