January 09, 2023

Kiflo Feature Updates: The Fungi Release

Learn how to streamline operations, make data-driven decisions, and improve partner engagement with our latest feature updates.


There is no creature that better represents the partnership ecosystem than the Fantastic Fungi.

There are 144,000 known species of Fungi organisms—that include yeasts, rusts, smuts, mildews, molds, and (the most glamorous of the bunch) mushrooms—which all serve very particular and important purposes in their larger habitat. 

In fact, Fungi are themselves the channel between organisms. 

New research by scientist Andrew Adamatzky at the Unconventional Computing Laboratory of the University of the West of England has discovered that mushrooms might have an electrical “language” all of their own, consisting of complex impulses that vary in size, frequency, and duration. 

By drawing comparisons between the electrical impulses given by fungi with those associated with human speech, Adamatzky suggests they form the foundation of a language consisting of up to 50 words organized into sentences. 

The Split Gill Fungus (Schizophyllum commune). Source: Wikipedia

What’s more, the languages used by the different species of fungi differ in complexity, with the split gill fungus (Schizophyllum commune) using the most complicated language patterns of the fungi tested.

According to the study, fungi use this language to communicate with (and transport nutrients to) neighbors about food, nearby resources, or potential sources of danger and damage. But this communication doesn’t just happen between themselves; it also includes distantly connected partners.

Now that’s what we call a great channel manager

Kiflo’s Latest Features 

It’s for this reason that we chose fungi as the title for our latest update. Our newest features will allow you to automatically communicate and connect customized messages to your teammates and partners in a way that ensures that your program thrives. 

And if that doesn’t blow your cap, this release also includes features that will track and organize data about your partners to make sure they are healthy and happy in your ecosystem. 

So, let’s see how mushroom there is to improve your partner relationship management strategies with our latest update. 

Workflow Automation

Just like a hiker in the woods might trigger fungi to send a particular message to their partners, you can now set up your own triggers and subsequent communications with Workflows. The Fungi Release allows for two trigger options on the new Workflows page: 

  1. Partner Team Member Enabled: this should be used when a new team member is granted access to the partner portal. It will allow you to set up automatic emails to follow up should the user not set up their Kiflo account. 

  2. Payout Validated: use this trigger when a payout is validated and the associated partner must upload an invoice or review the payout.

Stay tuned for our next release for more trigger options. 

Example of a workflow in Kiflo.

Here’s how you set up Workflows in Kiflo: 

  • Click on the Manage pages and then Workflows to start the process. 

  • Click on the button labeled New Workflow.

  • Title your workflow (for example, “Kiflo Activation” or “Payout Validation”).

  • Choose one of the two triggers. 

  • Click Confirm

From here, you can completely customize the workflow, including how long you’d like the delay between the initial trigger and the follow-up email, the email that will be sent to the partner, and the end condition (or what will cause the sequence to stop). 

Once you’re finished customizing the workflow, simply press Save and then Enable

When You’ll Use Workflow Automation 

  • Follow up with new partners and users to ensure they activate their Kiflo accounts. This ensures that they not only get set up with the technology but also successfully start their onboarding process. 

  • Follow up with partners on payout validations. This improves trust and transparency with your partners by making financial exchanges smoother.  

Dynamic Partner Metrics 

As stated previously, fungi are the regulators of their ecosystem. They take in the data around them to communicate and act in a way that boosts productivity and health. 

With Kiflo’s new partner data features, you can now do the same. 

Simply navigate to your Partner page and click Edit Columns to add custom data types and timeframes. 

Customize and compare dynamic partner data in Kiflo.

When You’ll Use Dynamic Partner Metrics 

The possibilities of what you can do with your data are endless, but here are some concrete use cases that can help you improve and scale your program: 

  • Find top-performing partners to help hone in on your Ideal Partner Personas (IPPs). 

  • Find low-performing partners so you can develop a strategy for partner activation and engagement. 

  • Find which partners submitted the most leads, the most leads that converted, which partners still need payouts, etc. 

  • Share key data points with your team and execs to ensure alignment and buy-in. 

Tagging Co-workers

Fungi don’t work alone. Just like you, they are part of a team that works together to ensure the success of their ecosystem. 

This is why we wanted to improve the way you can communicate not just with your partners, but also with your co-workers. 

Kiflo customers can now easily tag their teammates in both notes and comments by simply typing the @ sign, and choosing their co-worker from the list. 

Channel managers and partners can now tag teammates in the notes and comments in Kiflo.

Partners can also benefit from tagging from their portal, too! They can tag their team members in the notes and comments of leads, deals, and customer pages. 

When You’ll Use Co-worker Tags

  • For both vendors and partners to easily communicate with team members on the status of a partner, lead, deal, or customer. 

  • To make sure a coworker (another channel manager) who is not the owner of the lead or deal can enter a discussion and get notifications.

  • To streamline operations and ensure team and partner alignment. 

Lead & Deal Validation Strategies 

You now have three options for how leads and deals are validated in Kiflo: 

  • Anyone: The default setting; this means that anyone on your team can validate a lead or deal. 

  • Owner: Only the owner of the lead or deal can validate it. 

  • No one: This new option allows leads and deals to be automatically validated. 

To change your validation strategy, simply go to Account, then the Lead and/or Deals page, and click which setting you’d like under Validation Strategy. 

Use the dropdown menu in the Leads and Deals pages to decide on your validation strategy.

When You’ll Use the Automatic Lead & Deal Validation

  • You’d like your partners to get started on a lead without having to wait for your approval. 

  • To streamline operations and avoid bottlenecks on leads and deals. 

Other Updates

In addition to these major feature updates, we’ve also included the following features in the Fungi Release: 

  • Rewards page: View the rewards for every single partner in your program on our new Rewards page, located on the main menu under the Payouts dropdown. 

  • Account time zone: Set the timezone for your account under the Account Defaults page. 

  • Quick actions for expired team members: Under the Team Member’s page, you can now simply click on the expired team member to access a menu of quick actions for regenerating an invitation link. 

  • Hide assets: You can now hide the assets menu on partner portals.

  • Comments on notes: Improve communication with your team by using comments in partner accounts.

Do you have questions about Kiflo’s Fungi Release? Want to see these features in action? Contact us or connect with us on LinkedIn. We are always here to help! 

Increase productivity and connectivity in your partner ecosystem with Kiflo.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Kiflo PRM have workflow automation?

Yes, Kiflo offers workflow triggers with customizable actions, such as automatically sending follow-up emails to partners who have yet to activate their accounts.

Can I track partner data in Kiflo PRM?

Absolutely! Kiflo offers customizable and dynamic data tracking on partners and their activities.

Does Kiflo PRM allow you to tag or mention co-workers?

Both customers and partners can tag co-workers in notes and comments by simply typing @ and then the team member’s name.

Do I have to validate each partner-submitted lead or deal in Kiflo PRM?

No way! You can customize your lead and deal validation strategy in your account settings so that they are automatically validated.

Where can I find information about Kiflo PRM’s features?

For news on the latest Kiflo feature updates, you can subscribe to our newsletter, check out our blog, or follow us on LinkedIn.

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