March 21, 2023

Kiflo Feature Updates: The Jellyfish Release

Discover how to make your partner program operations easier and more efficient with Kiflo's new feature updates.


Jellyfish are one of the most intriguing and fascinating creatures on Earth, known for their gelatinous bodies and unique appearance. These mesmerizing creatures have captured the imaginations of scientists, artists, and nature enthusiasts alike, and for good reason. 

Despite their seemingly simple structure, jellyfish have evolved to be incredibly efficient in a number of ways, with a range of unique features that allow them to survive and thrive in a wide variety of environments.

This jellyfish is repping Kiflo colors. [Source:]

The efficiency of jellyfish is a result of a complex combination of factors, including their unique body structure, specialized movement and feeding mechanisms, adaptive responses to their environment, efficient energy usage, and reproductive strategy.

They are also one of the oldest forms of life on the planet, with fossil evidence dating back over 500 million years. 

This means that jellyfish have been around longer than most other creatures, and have had plenty of time to evolve and adapt to their surroundings.

That's the kind of longevity and success we want to see in our customers' partner programs.

Kiflo’s Latest Features

Jellyfish don’t have a centralized nervous system like many other animals, which means they cannot communicate in the same way that humans or other animals do. They have a simple nerve net that allows them to sense changes in their environment and respond quickly and accordingly.

This is why we chose the title Jellyfish for our most recent upgrade. With the help of our most recent features, you'll be able to sense important changes in your program, complete certain tasks quickly, and communicate in a way that will help your program succeed.

If that doesn't blow your mind, these updates also come with tools that let you impersonate partners and keep track of new partner metrics.

Excited? Let’s get into how the Jellyfish Release can get you to accomplish a lot, without trying too hard.

Log Meetings

Despite their appearance as solitary creatures, jellyfish are great at communicating and have a number of techniques to communicate with one another.

For example, to obtain food, reproduce, and protect their young, jellyfish communicate with one another through bioluminescence, chemical signaling, and touch.

That’s the general idea behind this new feature, to further make communication easier. This update allows you to log meetings by inputting the date and duration of the meeting. You can also include the description of the meeting, associate the meeting with a specific partner and log as many meetings as you like at the same time.

Kiflo now allows you to easily log the details of upcoming and completed meetings with partners, as well as document any leads, deals, payouts, or customers associated with the meeting.

Here’s how to log a meeting:

  • Click on the Partner’s page.

  • Go to the Meetings tab.

  • Click on Log Meeting.

When You’ll Use Log Meetings

  • To align partnership teams on the status of meetings associated with specific leads, deals, payouts, or customers the partner is involved with.

  • Channel managers can log meetings for quarterly reviews with partners.

  • Partners can also log meetings with potential clients on a deal.

Bulk Updates on Partners

Jellyfish have a number of other unique traits that make them incredibly efficient, especially their ability to move through the water.

Unlike most other marine animals, jellyfish do not have a centralized nervous system or a brain. Instead, they have a simple nerve net that allows them to respond to their environment and move in a coordinated manner. This means that jellyfish are able to swim in a variety of directions and can quickly change their course to avoid obstacles or pursue prey.

Taking from the efficiency of the jellyfish, this new update allows you to mass update partners. This feature allows you to select the relevant partners you want to update, as well as the properties you want to update. 

Bulk update details on partner pages in just a few clicks.

Here’s how to bulk update partners:

  • Go to Partners.

  • Select the partners you want to update.

  • Click on Update.

  • Choose the Property you want to update.

  • Click on Update.

To avoid mistakes, the feature allows you to update one property at a time. 

When You’ll Use Bulk Update Partners

  • To quickly define the new owner of many partners when someone leaves the vendor’s company.

  • To move existing partners into new programs once the refined programs have been built in Kiflo.

Impersonate Partners

One of the most interesting aspects of jellyfish biology is their ability to clone themselves. While this phenomenon has been observed in many other species, jellyfish are particularly interesting because they can clone themselves repeatedly, resulting in vast populations of genetically identical species.

The new feature has the same concept. 

This update is only available to admins and allows them to impersonate any partner users by connecting to their partner portal using their login but without a password.

The admins have read and write access and can perform all actions done on the partner portal that are available to the impersonated user.

Keep your partner portal content relevant and consistent by verifying what your partner sees.

Here’s how to impersonate partners:

  • Choose a Partner.

  • Go to Team.

  • Select a Team Member to impersonate.

  • Click on Open Partner Portable.

You’ll receive a banner stating that you are impersonating a particular user. You’ll then be able to perform their actions and even submit leads. 

When You’ll Use Impersonate Partners

  • To check whether the permissions defined on assets are correct.

  • To ensure the partner sees only the assets they are supposed to see.

  • To verify whether the customization on the partner portal for a specific program or partner is correct.

New Partner Metrics

Jellyfish can provide important benefits to other animals in marine ecosystems. When jellyfish die and sink to the seafloor, they contribute to nutrient cycling in marine ecosystems. As the jellyfish decompose, they release nutrients into the water, which can be taken up by other organisms.

Much like the jellyfish, the new metrics will provide data that will feed the health of your partner program and help you make more informed decisions. 

They are:

  • Partner-sourced revenue: The revenue that the partner produces.

  • Partner-influenced revenue: This is the revenue that was made possible by a partner but was not directly attributable to them.

Make better data-driven decisions by accurately tracking partner-sourced and partner-influenced revenue.

To access the metrics you have to: 

  • Click on Partners

  • Go to Edit Columns

  • Search for Revenue

Each partner program's revenue calculation method can be altered. Trevenue can be calculated using the total of closed, successful deals or transactions.

When You’ll Use Partner Metrics

  • To compare the performance of different partners per quarter.

  • To document the ways your partners impact your sales cycle. 

New Workflows & Triggers

Automation allows you to complete tasks quickly and efficiently. That’s why we've added the following features to the Jellyfish Release:

  • New Workflow Action-Create Task: This feature creates a task with a due date in the future related to the time the workflow is executed. You can assign the task dynamically to the partner entering the workflow, a specific coworker, or the partner owner.

  • Workflow Trigger-Metric Changed: When a defined metric is updated on a partner it triggers the workflow.

  • New Trigger on Workflows: When a property is updated on a partner it triggers the workflow.

  • New Auto-Filled Date Metrics on Partners: This allows you to see the last seen date, last lead submitted, and last deal registered by partners.

Do you have questions about Kiflo’s Jellyfish Release? Want to see these features in action? Contact us or connect with us on LinkedIn. We are always here to help! 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you bulk update partners on Kiflo?

Yes! Kiflo allows you to work more efficiently with the option to select multiple partners when applying an update.

Can you create automated tasks on Kiflo?

You can now create certain tasks and even include a due date. You can also assign the task to the partner entering the workflow, a specific coworker, or the partner owner.

What is the difference between partner-sourced and partner-influenced revenue?

Partner-sourced revenue is revenue generated by the partner, and partner-influenced revenue is when the vendor is the source, but the partner positively impacted the sales process.

How do I log meetings in Kiflo?

It’s easy to log a meeting in Kiflo. Simply click on the partner’s page, go to the Meetings tab, and click on Log Meeting.

What does impersonating partners mean?

In Kiflo, impersonating partners means that admins can connect to other users’ partner portals using their login but without the password. This allows them to verify the actions and content shared to that partner on the portal.

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