August 24, 2022

Kiflo Feature Updates: The Lion Release

Our latest product update includes features that will make you and your team roar!


There’s so much we can learn about partnership relationship management from lions. For lions, teamwork is crucial. Every time a fight arises, the pride that stays united and makes the most of all the talents and resources of its members comes out on top.

Much like a partnership team, the strength of the pride is greater than the total combined power of its individual members.

Additionally, the success of the group also depends on each member being proactive and keeping their ears open. Teams that communicate not only verbally but also on each other's frequency can be very successful.

This is why our exciting new update is so aptly named the Lion Release. Much like our King of the Jungle, the new features encourage seamless communication, teamwork, and efficiency.

What’s New With Kiflo

As mentioned above, our new features seek to emulate the synergy and productivity of a pride of lions. Let’s learn more about the new features and how they improve your ability to manage partnerships.

Feature #1: New Kiflo Plans

As part of our commitment to giving you the best value for your unique partnership needs, our pricing plans have changed to be more inclusive of the evolution of programs.

Initially, our plans were limited to Accelerate and Scale Plans. Now, our new pricing includes the Starter, Scale, and Unlimited Plans.

New customers can now choose from one of the three plans, each of which includes access to all of Kiflo’s features. 

Use the drag-and-drop estimation bar on our pricing page to find the right plan for you.

How to Choose a Kiflo Plan

  • If you’re just starting your partner program, then the Starter Plan is perfect for you. For $149 per month, you can add 5 partners and an unlimited number of users.

  • If you’re looking for a step up, the Scale Plan is for you. You get an unlimited number of users and up to 25 partners (with the option to add more) for $399.

  • For our partner program veterans, we have the Unlimited Plan. For $699, you get unlimited partners and users. 

For more information, check out our pricing page.

Feature #2: Bulk Team Member Invitations 

One thing we may have forgotten to mention is that lions are very efficient hunters. They kill every three to four days, depending on the opportunities available to them and how much they ate at their last meal. To do this, the lion’s powerful roar is a signal to other pride members to join the hunt. 

Just like the lion, this new feature is all about efficiency and communication. Bulk Team Member Invitations allow you to send invites in bulk by allowing you to select multiple members at the same time.

Sending bulk invitations to partner team members is as easy as a few clicks!

Simply click on the Partners tab, select Team Members from the drop-down menu, select all the team members you want to invite, and send the link. 

When You’ll Use Bulk Team Member Invitations 

  • To see sent, pending, and expired partner team member invitations

  • To track who to follow up on or who needs invitations resent

  • To analyze and report data, including the status of the invitation, when it was sent/accepted, and when the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) were accepted

Feature #3: Read-Only Coworkers

Did you know that lions understand the concept of roles? Each lion occupies certain roles within the pride. The male lions must create enough territory for their lionesses to hunt and raise their young in peace. This makes the pride very successful.

To emulate this, our read-only coworkers is a security feature that protects data from intentional or accidental deletion or modification. Originally, when you invited co-workers, they all became admins and shared the same permissions, and could see the same data on Kiflo. 

Now we have added a feature that lets you change permissions for specific users.

When You’ll Use Read-Only Coworkers 

  • To organize teams based on roles and responsibilities

  • To protect account data and status, and avoid human error

Feature # 4: Partners Terms & Conditions

You can use the partner T&C feature to ensure new users of the partner portal accept your guidelines and requirements. This feature helps you make sure that each individual in the partnership team is aligned. Add terms and conditions that suit your specific partnership needs alongside Kiflo's.

Make sure your partners stay aligned and program standards are met with Terms & Conditions.

Just click on the Partner Program, scroll down to Terms & Conditions, and click edit to make it mandatory for that particular partner to accept the conditions.

When You’ll Use Partners Terms & Conditions

  • To make your partners agree on different requirements, like how the data is stored or what you will do with the data

  • To set out what is expected of partners in terms of usage of the partner portal

Feature #5: New Help Center 

The redesigned Help Page is without a doubt one of the best aspects of this new update. It is the place to go for answers to your queries and solutions to some of your difficulties. 

The layout is well-organized and well-presented, making it simple to navigate the site and locate what you're looking for. 

To access the home page, click on the question mark on your dashboard.

You’ll have access to:

  • The brand new Kiflo Academy!

  • Our guides and resources library to help your partnership journey

  • API documentation

  • Customer support

  • Our Greatest Minds In Partnership series with expert advice from partnership veterans

  • Customer Referral Program

To access it, click on the question mark on your home page and it will take you straight to the Help Center.

The Kiflo Help Center is a one-stop shop for resources, guides, support, and more!

When You’ll Use the Help Center

With the new feature, you’ll be able to:

  • Access the Getting Started With Kiflo Course, which includes extensive onboarding for the Kiflo platform, as well as strategies for partner program success

  • Access to helpful downloadable resources on operations, technology, and strategy 

  • Review API documentation

  • Ask for support from a Kiflo expert

Other Important Updates

  1. Mass Validate Payouts: Paying partners one by one can be tricky. Now you can create multiple payments and validate them in bulk.

  2. Send Lead URL Templates: Each partner has access to a unique lead form and URL. You can now send the URL in an email to inform new partners that they can use it to send leads.

  3. Create Notes on Customers: In the same way that you can create notes on leads and deals, you can now do so for customers, as well.

  4. Manage Lead Statuses: When a partner submits a lead, you can now accept the lead if it was rejected. You can also reject it if it was accepted and re-open it if it was abandoned.

Do you have questions about Kiflo’s Lion Release? Want to see how these features can enhance your partner program? Contact us directly or connect with us on LinkedIn. We are always here to help! 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Kiflo have resources to help with partnerships?

Kiflo Customers can use the question mark at the top right of their dashboard to access the Help Center. Other users can find all the information they need to make the most of their partnerships in Kiflo's Blog and Resources & Guides pages.

Can I include my own Terms & Conditions in Kiflo?

Sure! You can add your company's T&Cs alongside Kiflo's and make them mandatory for new users.

Does Kiflo include different user permissions?

Yes, some users can only read and/or download the data on Kiflo, while others can make alterations.

Does Kiflo have plans for small partner programs?

For new programs with five or fewer partners, Kiflo offers a Starter Plan for just $149 per month.

Does Kiflo have an unlimited plan for large partner programs?

Absolutely! The Unlimited plan is for companies with larger programs. They can access all features and add an unlimited number of users and partners for $699 per month.

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