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How Chainlaine Streamlined Partner Communication & Improved Partner Engagement.
How Chainlaine Streamlined Partner Communication & Improved Partner Engagement.
The company

Chainlane (formerly RFKeeper) is a leading cloud-based platform and software solution provider combining RFID technology with IoT to provide a cutting-edge solution to the brick-and-mortar industry sectors.

With customers in Belgium, the United States, UK, Canada, Japan, and many more, the company's primary focus is on digitally transforming brick-and-mortar stores from multi-channel providers to true omnichannel providers.

The Chainlane team accomplishes this by offering networked end-to-end capabilities that manage every operational aspect, from the creation of items to the point of sale, thus enhancing the speed and quality of the supply chains of numerous businesses. With Chainlane's partner program, you can join industry-leading retailers and worldwide brands in embracing RFID.

The company works with a variety of partners, including:

  • Vendors (usually hardware providers), giving them the opportunity to sell a solution and not just hardware
  • System integrators
  • Service providers

The Chainlane team trains ideal partners to be self-sufficient while offering end clients sales and installation skills, as well as support (Levels 1 & 2) for the solution.

The Challenge

The leadership at Chainlane knew from the very start of building their partner program that doing so through tools like Excel and cumbersome email chains was not the path to success. With the support of his CEO, Ben was able to strategize the agile approach required to develop a truly scalable partner program.

The biggest challenge became finding a PRM platform that could be customized to fit their specific needs. After doing research, Ben found that Kiflo would allow him to not only construct Chainlane's program the way he wanted, but also provide myriad features that he hadn’t realized he needed.

The Strategy Put In Place

As a company with an international and growing team, Chainlane has used Kiflo to support the team's weekly sales goals and relevant stages of the opportunities they want to pursue, from leads, prospects, qualifications, and closed deals.

Furthermore, the team can review and keep track of users who are located abroad, as well as manage their operations; all that is required is that the team logs the correct data into Kiflo.

Overall, Kiflo has aided in the centralization and simplification of many managerial day-to-day, time-consuming, and repetitive tasks. By doing so, Ben and his team have been able to redirect their time and resources toward scaling their program.

“Kiflo has provided us with a centralized location with access and user permissions and different views and notifications.”

Ben Eldar
Chief Business Officer
How Kiflo Amplified Chainlane's Program

Chainlane has developed a thriving international partner program, and Kiflo has helped support the success of their program in two main ways:

Streamline Communication

Kiflo's personalized views option via the partner portal has enabled Chainlane to manage all of their partners, grant relevant and tailored information to the various types of partners, and provide their partners with a direct approach to communicating with the team and staying up-to-date on leads and opportunities.

Tracking Partner Activity

One significant advantage for Ben and his team is that Kiflo has helped to keep track of their activities as sales representatives, including when exactly a new opportunity was opened, what was entered, which loads, and what data was logged.

Keeping an eye on analytics to see how channel partners are performing and taking appropriate measures are critical tasks, and there are a plethora of next-generation tool suites offering the ability to capture and analyze data to evaluate partner program success and serve as an analytics-based basis for boosting development.

Other variables that can be tracked are:

  • Total income for each partner
  • Partner engagement
  • Partner satisfaction
  • Active and inactive partners

“Kiflo is very helpful because it enables us to monitor our activity to pinpoint the opening of new opportunities, the data that was entered, and a review of our current standing in relation to the relevant stages of opportunities.”

Ben Eldar
Chief Business Officer
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