“Kiflo combines constant support with an easy-to-use interface.”

How Container xChange Streamlined & Scaled Operations with Kiflo.
How Container xChange Streamlined & Scaled Operations with Kiflo.
The company

Container xChange is a leading online platform for container logistics that brings together all relevant companies to manage and book shipping containers and execute all related processes and optimize invoicing and payments.

The Container xChange partner program allows you to open new revenue streams while streamlining container sourcing for your clients, assisting you in growing your marketing pipeline and providing better customer service through readily available assets. As an added bonus, you can grow your skills through the xChange partner training, earning you a badge and the opportunity to increase earning potential.

The Challenge

The driving force behind starting the company's partner program was to scale Container xChange’s program from 20 partners to beyond. Redirecting resources and formalizing the program was necessary for this. As Jedida explains:

"The main goal of using Kiflo was to have it be our primary source of truth for everything, for the partners and for us."

Up until this moment, Jedida and her team were manually inputting all partner program data using tools like Excel and email, and this was suboptimal. Not only was the team spending too much time on repetitive tasks, but partners weren’t being motivated by their wins.

Lastly, Jedida wanted the ability to test a PRM platform without having to invest a lot of money before she could evaluate how it would help them scale.

The Strategy Put In Place

Because of these issues, Jedida and her team broke up their first goals with Kiflo into two main categories:

Manual Tasks

Manual tasks took up a lot of time that could have been spent on improving partner experiences. And, in order for the team to scale sustainably, time spent on manual tasks needed to be freed up to build an infrastructure that could benefit the partners in other ways, such as asset sharing, onboarding, etc.

As a result, it was equally vital to have a system that helped improve many of these repetitive activities Jedida and her team were performing, such as emailing partners, calculating payments, and even employing extra personnel to help keep up with the paperwork.

Tracking Data Flow

Data flow is crucial for seeing the viability and health of the partner, as well as for the partner to be motivated by the output of their work.

In addition to alleviating manual tasks, a central strategy for Container xChange was tracking:

  • Referral data and lead performance
  • Co-selling and co-marketing campaigns
  • Partner engagement and health
  • Asset sharing and adoption

“What we needed in a PRM was a combination of support, a seamless user interface, and something that was clean and simple to set up, and that is why we chose Kiflo.”

Jedida Ravindran
Partnerships Manager
How Kiflo Amplified Container xChange's Program

Finding a PRM that the team could set up independently, that they could gradually test and innovate with while still defining the program, and that combined support with having a clear and user-friendly interface, was crucial for Container xChange.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Container xChange works with diverse partners around the globe. Because of this, it was important that the PRM platform they chose was simple, clean, and motivating. With Kiflo, they’ve been able to provide their partners with a user-friendly interface, which has improved partner operations.

Partner Engagement

Since implementing Kiflo, Jedida and her team have been able to better enable and engage partners by creating relevant and tailored content via customized portals. The ability to share resources, assets, and videos, especially with new partners, has vastly improved the partner’s success in the program.

Find Empowerment

As a new partner program, Jedida and her team were often a little confused about what roads to take with their program. They used Kiflo's Customer Success Team as a resource for learning how to best define and scale their partner program in a way that takes advantage of the platform’s capabilities.

“Phillip was our implementation support. In my perspective, Phillip strikes the balance between pushing us towards resources like Journey to watch videos and so on, and also replying to emails and messages with direct instructions…He has maintained that personality and he is always open to having calls with us when we need it.”

Jedida Ravindran
Partnerships Manager
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