“Kiflo has helped us win over 50 successful partners in over 25 countries.”

How Efecte Automated & Scaled Their Successful Partner Program with Kiflo.
How Efecte Automated & Scaled Their Successful Partner Program with Kiflo.
The company

Efecte helps service organizations digitalize and automate their work. Customers across Europe leverage Efecte cloud service to operate with greater agility, improve end-user experience, and save costs.

The use cases for the solutions range from IT service management and ticketing to improving employee experiences, business workflows, and customer service. As the European Alternative to global players in the space of Service Management, working with partners plays an important role in their growth.

As Director of Partnerships, Teemu Lyytinen has played an instrumental role in managing the relationships between the organization and its partners.

The Challenge

Before using Kiflo, Teemu had no teammates and had to do all of his tasks manually. When Efecte signed its first partners, Teemu realized that doing tasks manually was too difficult and inefficient, so he needed a tool to automate operations. This would give him enough time to focus on building and maintaining partnership relationships.

Another difficulty was that he worked with Excel spreadsheets, which made it hard for him to keep track of the data and made reporting to his manager very difficult.

So, he Googled what tools other people were using. He tested several software services and found Kiflo, which best suited his needs.

The Strategy Put In Place

Teemu focused on the following strategy when first moving the partner program to Kiflo’s platform:

  • Seamless integration with their CRM
  • A tool to centralize and organize manual tasks, particularly since he worked alone
  • A tool to manage their recruitment funnel
  • An intuitive tool for partners to register deals

“Steven and Jerome are very helpful, and they really supported me during the evaluation phase. They responded quickly to my questions, even the technical ones.”

Teemu Lyytinen
Director of Channel Partnerships
How Kiflo Amplified Efecte's Program

In addition to automating Teemu's everyday tasks and simplifying reporting, Kiflo also provides a wide range of other features to support the success of Efecte partnerships.

Onboarding Pipelines

Teemu didn't have the right tools to manage the recruitment funnel, nor a tool for onboarding partners in a way that ensured they possessed the skills and knowledge to succeed in the partnership. Today, this is one of the functions Efecte relies on Kiflo for.

"The first thing was that I loved the idea of having a tool to manage the recruitment funnel. This Kiflo feature is the one we are heavily using today as well."

Lead Sharing and Registration

Before using Kiflo, registering and sharing leads was challenging for Efecte partners. Now they can manage leads seamlessly on the platform.

“We also wanted a platform to help with lead distribution. Right now we are working so that we have also referral partners who will report leads to us. That said, we are still generating leads for our existing partners. So, one of the key criteria for a platform so that we can distribute easily and follow up the leads.”


Efecte has a growing partner program and needs software that will help the program keep up with the growth. They also need a PRM that they could use every step of the way.

“I would say there are multiple reasons why we chose Kiflo but one of them is that we didn't have a big partner ecosystem back then. So many PRM vendors are too expensive, too big, and too complicated, for us. Kiflo is a PRM that scales with you and it’s easy to use. With Kiflo, I was easily able to do all the configuration myself.”

Teemu Lyytinen
Director of Channel Partnerships
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