“Kiflo’s support & service is phenomenal.”

How EffectConnect Grew a Thriving Partner Program With Kiflo.
How EffectConnect Grew a Thriving Partner Program With Kiflo.
The company

EffectConnect is a Marketplace Integration Platform. Via their seamless marketplace integrations, they help brands, wholesale, and retailers to expand and increase their online sales across Europe. The tool includes features such as marketplace listing, order synchronization, shipping updates, dynamic pricing, inventory tracking, sales planning, and more.

EffectConnect partners with online marketing agencies, marketplace agencies, web development, and fulfillment organizations to ensure that any customer challenges are solved, thereby realizing a profitable relationship for all involved parties. As the Business Development & Partners Manager, Harjan Morskate has been and is integral to the creation, implementation, and management of their thriving program.

The Challenge

The core challenge for Harjan and his team was to take their partner ecosystem to the next level. They knew that a PRM Tool was a must-have in a successful partner strategy.

Another challenge Harjan faced was that partners were soliciting leads via email, which led to many channel conflicts. There were many instances where different partners would apply for the same lead. He decided he needed a solution to automate the manual tasks and help partners manage leads and track commissions. After having this conversation with the CEO, he introduced Harjan to Kiflo and after a few phone calls, the collaboration was born.

The Strategy Put In Place

Harjan focused on the following strategy when first moving the partner program to Kiflo’s platform:

  • Give partners access to leads
  • Centralizing processes by having everything in one place
  • Reduce manual tasks associated with spreadsheets
  • Manage/avoid conflict because partners were applying for the same leads

“We basically needed to get organized. We were just getting serious about a partner program so Kiflo was one of our steps to get structured.”

Harjan Morskate
Business Development & Partners Manager
How Kiflo Amplified EffectConnect's Program

Not only does Kiflo help partners manage leads and save time by reducing the need for manual tasks, but it also offers many other features to help EffectConnect partnerships succeed.

Organize the Program

Harjan uses Kiflo to track each partner's information, workflow, and performance in one place. He no longer has to coordinate efforts through spreadsheets and emails.

"With the platform, we are able to tell which group of partners delivers the most leads, and which group of partners generates the highest lead-to-customer conversion rate. And that gives us a few insights to come up with a strategy for the coming years."

Connect & Collaborate

With Kiflo, Harjan is able to manage all marketing materials, assets, and communications through a single dashboard. This improves the efficiency and accessibility of information dissemination. It also helps with collaboration and allows partners to scale together.

“Thanks to the partner portal, we simplified and facilitated communication between us and our partners. It also facilitated and improved collaboration.”

Centralize Operations

Kiflo has helped by centralizing all relevant information in one place. Instead of having an email program that had to be manually checked against spreadsheets, EffectConnect can now keep and track everything in one central location.

“Kiflo really helps us, and mostly because I don't need to have discussions about which leads belong to which partners. And it's time-saving as it gives me a helicopter view of my partner's activities because everything is so centralized. Speaking of time-savings, I want to say the support and the service are phenomenal. It's crazy.”

Harjan Morskate
Business Development & Partners Manager
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