“The ease of use and completeness of the solution was beneficial for everyone.”

How Halodata Improved Partnership Management & Indirect Sales.
How Halodata Improved Partnership Management & Indirect Sales.
The company

Halodata is a leading distributor of Information Security products and solutions in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Having built an indirect sales strategy into the foundation of their business model, they heavily rely on resellers to distribute their products, expand their reach, and offer their end customers the very best service possible. Their promise to provide the highest quality products and support has paid off with consistent, exponential growth since 2009.

The Challenge

With over 80 resellers selling 10 distinct products across 3 different countries, partnership management was no simple task for Halodata. It required countless hours of training, coordination, exchange, and deal management. Since Halodata distributes multiple different solutions, each reseller required a different set of documents and resources. This resulted in decentralized data with information spread across various emails and excel sheets. As a consequence, Halodata was lacking general visibility over the activity of their partners. It was hard to see which deals were progressing, which deals were blocked, and why.

Along with this, many resellers share the same territories. This led to slight distrust between partners. If a reseller was in touch with a company, they wanted to make sure that no other reseller would swoop in and take their deal. Halodata wanted to assure them of this and improve the overall experience for their partners and end customers.

The Strategy Put In Place

From a desire for excellence, Halodata chose Kiflo to optimize their partnership management and implement the following strategies:

Defined Deal Registration

When a reseller decides to approach a prospect, they register the deal in the Kiflo platform, securing the ownership of the deal and verifying that no other reseller will interfere. It also allows Halodata to have a 360° view over all registered deals, who is working on each deal, and their progress. No more conflicts, no more missing information; ultimately, so partners feel more secure and invested.

Clear Business Plan, Objectives & Visibility

Finally, Halodata creates objectives for their resellers on Kiflo and can view progress. By having clear visibility into the results of their resellers, they easily identify which strategies are working, which resellers need more support, and when they need to feed their resellers with more leads. They have more insights into their indirect sales than ever before.

Organized Asset Management

With Kiflo’s document management, Halodata streamlines the way training documents and sales resources are shared. They simply define the category of the reseller, and the reseller receives access to the resources they need according to their specific location, type, etc. Any document changes are automatically updated for all partners, and Halodata lets automation do the work for them.

“We looked through a lot of PRM solutions, and we liked the look and flow of Kiflo. The ease of use and completeness of the solution was beneficial for everyone and made it easy for us to implement.”

Resham Ganglani
How Kiflo Amplified Halodata's Program

Just a few months after implementing the Kiflo solution, Halodata is seeing the following results:

Optimized Partnership Management

Through automating processes, Halodata is able to cut out countless time-wasters throughout their day and free up more time to focus on developing their indirect sales. By having more insights into their partners’ processes and results, they are able to make data-driven decisions and improve their strategy. All in all, management saves time and stays informed.

Improved Partner Engagement

Kiflo is just as beneficial to their partners as it is to them. Their partners now have the support of a tool that is made specifically for indirect sales. By having their own personal objectives and sales pipeline, Halodata has seen their partners become more responsible, engaged, and productive.

Ultimately, with the help of Kiflo, Halodata was able to increase their indirect sales by 33% compared to the same period last year.

“Our partners are more engaged, thanks to Kiflo. It’s easier to close deals since they have instant access to the information they need.”

Resham Ganglani
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