“Kiflo helps us avoid channel conflicts.”

How PerceptionPredict Built a Partner Program from the Ground Up.
How PerceptionPredict Built a Partner Program from the Ground Up.
The company

PerceptionPredict is a talent intelligence organization. Their human-centered, data-driven AI solution accurately reveals how an individual will perform in a given role before they are hired. Companies deploy PerceptionPredict to measure the future achievements of an individual based on predefined indicators like appointments booked, units sold, or revenue won. Built by a team of data scientists and psychology professionals, their innovation is increasing the performance of ambitious enterprises internationally.

The Challenge

PerceptionPredict is a new innovation to the market. When deciding their sales strategy, they chose to put a partner sales structure in place. Since they target mid to enterprise-level companies, they expected this to be the best way to get in the door and start creating relationships with harder-to-access companies. Their challenge was to create an effective partner program from scratch and succeed in finding partners, training partners, and increasing partner engagement to successfully get the solution to their target audience.

The Strategy Put In Place

To secure the success of a partnership program, PerceptionPredict searched for a solution that would show their partners the program is legitimate and serious, yet also had the capacity to manage their partners and business deals. They selected Kiflo Partner Platform and put the following processes in place:

Personalized Partner Portal

Partner Portals allow PerceptionPredict to start their partnerships out strong. Not only does a Partner Portal help them support their partners and stay connected, but it also gives their partners everything they need to start selling. This greatly simplifies the onboarding process because their partners find everything they need in one organized place including:

  • Training resources
  • Sales documents
  • A personal sales pipeline
  • A place to book a meeting with PerceptionPredict’s partner, sales, or technical support teams
  • News, info, and updates that PerceptionPredict sends through the portal

This shows their partners they are valued and engages them in a unique way.

Lead / Deal Registration & Ownership

Lead and deal registration is also very useful for PerceptionPredict and their partners. On PerceptionPredict’s side, management has full visibility over the opportunities coming from their partners. Partners simply request ownership over a deal, and PerceptionPredict has the right to accept or deny their request to avoid any channel conflicts. Integration with their CRM, Hubspot, makes this process even easier. On the partner side of things, they can rest assured that they have ownership over a lead or deal that has been accepted.

Once the deals are registered, their partners easily view and update their deals with their personal sales pipeline on Kiflo. This gives their partners everything they need to responsibly follow up with their deals and track their objectives.

“The pending versus proof feature of Kiflo allows us to mitigate any potential duplicates and avoid channel conflicts.”

Phillip Lechter
Vice President of Sales Operations
How Kiflo Amplified PerceptionPredict's Program

With Kiflo, PerceptionPredict has grown a thriving partner program from the ground up- so much so, that their partners are even ready to pay to participate in the program. Kiflo helped support the success of their program in two main ways:

Simplified Partnership Management

From simplifying the onboarding and training process to improving the way they communicate and collaborate with their partners, Kiflo makes managing their partners easy for PerceptionPredict. Through clear, organized lead and deal registration, PerceptionPredict gains visibility into their sales and avoids channel conflicts.

Enhanced Partner Engagement

By properly equipping their partners with the resources they need, PerceptionPredict is able to enable their partners quickly. The partner sales pipeline keeps their partners engaged, productive, and proactive.

“The reason we went with Kiflo is because of the level of service and commitment that the Kiflo team provides. They have truly gone above and beyond to support us in using and integrating the tool.”

Phillip Lechter
Vice President of Sales Operations
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