“Kiflo offered an affordable way to build a partner program.”

How Rotageek used a Partner Program to Increase their Demand Generation.
How Rotageek used a Partner Program to Increase their Demand Generation.
The company

Rotageek is a workforce management system that helps retail businesses and healthcare organizations fairly and efficiently schedule staff. More than that, Rotageek uses machine learning to accurately predict demand and ensure that shifts are perfectly staffed at all times. Ultimately, Rotageek’s SaaS solution gives companies the capacity to reduce administrative tasks, save on labor costs, and increase employee happiness.

The Challenge

This year, Rotageek’s team discovered an opportunity. They realized that 60% of their leads were coming from an indirect source, such as companies in their network, customer referrals, or even investors. They hypothesized that if they invested more in these channels, they should be able to significantly increase their number of opportunities.

Upon this realization, Rotageek decided to build an official partnership program. However, they did not want to start this process half-heartedly or naively. In starting their partner program, they had 3 main goals to secure its success:

1. Properly structure their program

To fully see the potential out of these channels, they needed their partner program to be well thought out, planned, and organized.

2. Ensure partner engagement

To get as many opportunities as possible, they wanted to create an environment in which their partners could feel engaged, invested, and motivated.

3. Measure results

Thirdly, Rotageek wanted to track results and measure their return on investment to identify their strongest sales channels.

The Strategy Put In Place

To accomplish their objectives, Rotageek chose Kiflo as their Partner Platform. They put the following strategies in place with Kiflo:

Run and organize multiple different partner programs at the same time

Rotageek has multiple different kinds of partners: referring partners, resellers, and an informal group of partners that recommend their solution. With Kiflo, Rotageek is able to keep each partner properly organized in their program, track the leads and deals that each partner registers, and ensure that the partner will be paid the correct amount.

Engage and enable partners with a partner portal

Kiflo’s partner portal provides a way for Rotageek to engage and enable their partners in a unique way. First off, the portal gives their partners everything they need to be able to sell including a place to register their leads and deals, a personal sales pipeline, sales resources, and a space to easily collaborate. This helps them get up and running right away. In addition, it is a central point for them to get information about Rotageek, see news, and receive updates.

Measure results and identify their strongest partners

In the past, it was challenging for Rotageek to know where all their opportunities were coming from. Now, they have full visibility over the source of their leads and deals. They also know which partners are bringing in the most deals, and which partners they should invest more in. Kiflo’s KPIs show them the stats of how many leads are registered, how many deals are opened, and how much revenue is won from each partner and all their partners together. Their dashboard of KPIs gives them clear visibility of the ROI of their programs.

“We chose Kiflo because the platform is so much more affordable than the other solutions and it doesn’t compromise on quality. I’m getting just as much, but paying a third of the price.”

Travis Fish
Head of Partnerships
How Kiflo Amplified Rotageek's Program

Since the initiation, Rotageek grew their partner program into a network of 30 strong partners in just a few months. With Kiflo, Rotageek is able to achieve the following results:

Save countless hours each month

With Kiflo’s automation features, Rotageek is able to focus on scaling their partner program rather than being caught up in repetitive tasks associated with managing partner sales.

Avoid channel conflicts

With the ability to approve or deny ownership of a deal to a partner, Rotageek has a fool-proof process that ensures no two sales members have ownership over the same deal.

Increase their number of opportunities

Since Rotageek easily identifies the best performing partners, they invest more in their strong partners and reap more results, as well as identify partners who need a boost.

“Kiflo’s integration with our CRM is very convenient. After we accept a deal in Kiflo, it is automatically sent to our CRM pipeline so we can see all our opportunities in both places.”

Travis Fish
Head of Partnerships
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