“A single tool to manage and scale our partner network.”

How Toucan Toco Simplified Partnership Management & Improved the Partner Experience.
How Toucan Toco Simplified Partnership Management & Improved the Partner Experience.
The company

As the European leader in Embedded Analytics & Data Storytelling, Toucan Toco creates and integrates performance indicators into their customers’ solutions. These KPIs allow HR, finance, marketing, or logistics teams to be able to properly analyze their activity and build vital ‘data storytelling’. Since many of their target prospects work closely with consulting firms or integrators, Toucan Toco strategically implemented a partner program to better reach and support their customers.

The Challenge

Five years after the creation of their partner program, Toucan Toco’s indirect sales were flourishing, and they were ready to invest even more in this sales channel. However, streamlining the partner management process was no easy task. They were using Google Sheets to track partner sign-ups, emails to communicate with them, and other software to track their partners’ deals. Information was spread out. Simple processes were time-consuming. And ultimately, they were lacking the visibility they needed over their indirect sales.

Toucan Toco was ready to optimize their partnership management. They began searching for a solution to simplify their operations and help them grow stronger partnerships. Specifically, they were looking for a tool to:

  • Better organize and communicate with their partners on their incoming deals
  • Create an environment for their partners to thrive
  • Increase visibility over their indirect sales and performance
The Strategy Put In Place

To reach their full potential, Toucan Toco chose Kiflo PRM to implement the following strategies:

Organized Deal Registration, Management & Collaboration

Instead of having indirect sales information spread across different tools, Toucan Toco brought all their partners’ deal information into one place. Now, when a partner approaches a new prospect, they register and manage it from Kiflo. This gives Toucan Toco full visibility over incoming deals and allows them to see exactly where each deal is in the sales cycle. They can also exchange or attach documents to any given deal, keeping data centralized and organized.

Enhanced Visibility over their Indirect Sales & Performance

Before Kiflo, it was challenging for Toucan Toco to know exactly how much revenue was coming from their partners and what strategies were working. Now they have a clear view of their indirect sales turnover and a forecast for the upcoming months. With KPIs over their partners' performance, they can easily see which partners are bringing them the best results and which partners need more support. This visibility helps them make the right decisions at the right time.

Improved Partner Lifecycle

Toucan Toco relies on Kiflo to help ensure a positive experience for their partners from beginning to end. Now when they onboard a new partner, their partner receives a personalized Toucan Toco Partner Portal to start the collaboration off professionally. Their partners can get started quickly with access to their training and sales documents. Best of all, since deals are directly linked with commissions on Kiflo, their partners rest assured that they’ll get their piece of the pie, adding another layer of trust between Toucan Toco and their partners.

“Kiflo gives us a single tool to manage and scale our partner network. With its feature-rich partner portal, it helps us attract and retain the best partners.”

Goran Stefanovic
Head of Alliances
How Kiflo Amplified Toucan Toco's Program

Toucan Toco started seeing results soon after implementing Kiflo. Ultimately, they simplified their partnership management and improved the experience for their partners. They also took away the following benefits:

Harmony between Teams & Partners

Since leads, deals, and partner activity are all tracked on Kiflo, Toucan Toco left no more room for ambiguity or miscommunication, keeping their partners, management team, and administration team all on the same page

Countless Hours Freed Up Each Month

By simplifying partnership management, automating repetitive tasks, and being able to quickly find information, Toucan Toco gains time on a daily basis to focus more on their business.

Better Decision Making

With clear visibility over their indirect sales and the performance of their partners, Toucan Toco easily identifies where they should invest and what actions need to be taken.

“Kiflo became our One-Point-Of-Truth for any related to our partnership management. The organization significantly reduces our margin for error throughout the entire process.”

Goran Stefanovic
Head of Alliances
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