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2024 Partner Journey E-Book: How to Avoid Failure

This e-book is part of a compelling series crafted by Linkon Axon, Founder and CEO of Arys Consultants. The e-book gives you practical tips on how not to fail your 2024 Partnership Journey Strategy and elevate your partnership program.
Published on
November 21, 2023

The Partner Journey plays a pivotal role in the overall success of any partnership. It serves as the roadmap that guides partners through various stages of collaboration, from initial engagement to achieving shared objectives. Every proper Partner Journey consists of seven stages: Launch, Recruit, Onboard, Engage, Track, Reward, and Scale. A well-structured Partner Journey is essential for fostering strong, enduring partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

As we approach the beginning of 2024, it is important to enter the new planning year with the proper metrics for each stage of the Partner Journey. Properly organizing each stage will result in successful partnerships and skyrocket your business’ profits. Download the e-Book and dive deeper into each stage of the Partner Journey, use the proper metrics, and avoid failing your 2024 strategy.

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