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“Kiflo increased partner trust & alignment.”

With Josh Logro, General Manager
kiflo ipsystems, inc.  success story

The Company

IPSYSTEMS, Inc. is a Filipino-owned IT and cybersecurity solutions distributor that safeguards your business data. Comprised of certified experts and professionals in the field of data security, protection, and compliance, IPSYSTEMS takes a strategic inside-out approach to provide sustainable and risk-ready systems that protect your data now and in the future. 

Because IPSYSTEMS represents cybersecurity brands, their partner program focuses on the marketing and selling of these brands through their channel partners. 

The Challenge

Before finding Kiflo a few years ago, Josh and his team were managing their partnerships 100% by email and Excel. With so many email threads going back and forth between IPSYSTEMS and their partners, there was a lot of going back and forth. Sales administrators had to look through each email thread to find registered deals to encode things in Excel. Josh's team was wasting valuable time and resources, and worse, letting things like referrals and rewards fall through the cracks. 

Josh knew he needed a platform that allowed him to easily track deal registration. He spoke to a vendor who had a platform that offered this capability, but that was not customizable or user-friendly. As Josh explains of his previous platform, “Every little thing we wanted to customize, we needed to coordinate with [the company] and have them change it on the interface.”

After suffering through the platform for a year, the company decided to raise their prices. Josh did some research on Google and found Kiflo. 

The Strategy Put In Place

Josh and his team focused on the following strategy when first moving the partner program to Kiflo’s platform: 

  • Build succinct programs and tiers

  • Clean up and organize partner data into the newly-defined programs

  • Create incentive programs and business plans for partners 

  • Introduce and train existing partners on how to login to the partner portal 

How Kiflo Amplified IPSYSTEMS, Inc. 's Program

In addition to deal registration and overall program organization, there are many features that have helped not only boost growth, but also save time and resources: 

Creating Alignment With Business Plans

“I really liked the ability to have business plans because we could set up action plans and then basically share them with a partner and tick them off when they were done. Having a platform where the partner and I can look at goals and really discuss things in depth has made it so much easier. Having that common source rather than doing something like an Excel or a PowerPoint business plan where things can get muddy helps us stay aligned.”

Building Trust & Transparency With Incentives 

“We can create specific incentives for each program. Once a partner meets a goal on the business plan, Kiflo automatically calculates that incentive. This has really helped build transparency because the partner sees it on their partner portal. 

Prior to Kiflo, when we would have incentive programs, we would have to do it all. First, we would have to manually calculate things and second, we would have to do tracking on our end and then send them over to the partner. 

There were so many times that partners would ask, ‘Okay, why was it calculated this way?’ But with Kiflo, things are automated. They can see when these goals are achieved and how they are calculated. That's taken a big load off of us from having to do things manually. It's just very seamless.”

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