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"Kiflo is easy to use from both our side and our partners'."

With Amar Chana, Partnerships Lead PPC Protect
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The Company

PPC Protect has built the world’s first truly automated invalid and low-value click prevention system. With millions of Ad clicks analyzed in real-time, the system detects and blocks unwanted clicks with unprecedented accuracy, ensuring you only receive legitimate visits to your Ads and saving you as much as 30% of your Ad spend. It’s difficult to optimize digital campaigns with invalid and low-value clicks. You can make sure your campaigns are clean with their free, no-obligation traffic audit.

The Challenge

An estimated $16 billion is lost in ad fraud per year. PPC Protect’s goal is to help companies save their money from click fraud. To do this, they needed to get their solution into the hands of people that need it most, and thus targeted companies that spend over $10,000 per month on ads. However, getting in the door with these kinds of customers is not always an easy task.

The Strategy Put In Place

Seeing that companies with an ad spend of this much per month often buy other marketing services, PPC Protect decided to build partnerships with digital agencies and other SaaS marketing solutions that work with their target audience. To make these partnerships as successful as possible, PPC Protect focused on developing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with their partners to generate more business over time.

To do this, they offer their partners an excellent partner experience. Using a PRM (Partner Relationship Management) tool, they provide their partners with a Partner Portal where PPC Protect shares all the documentation and information to ensure an easy onboarding. Then, they collaborate with their partners on a shared sales pipeline. Partners submit leads and PPC Protect works closely alongside them to give them support to close more deals and generate more revenue, for both parties.

How Kiflo Amplified PPC Protect's Program

After just a few short years since the launch of their partner program, PPC Protect has grown their program to a large partner base of digital agencies, website owners, and other SaaS solutions. They now work with digital agencies like Adzooma, Modo25, and many more.

Amar’s Advice to Other Companies Building a Partner Program

If you would like to grow a successful partner program like PPC Protect’s, here is Amar’s advice for you:

  1. "Pick the right PRM! (Kiflo has been great for us)"

  2. "Check out what other companies in your space are offering. Research is key."

  3. "Make it easy for partners to work with you and pay them their commissions on time!"

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Kiflo is a Partnership Relationship Management Solution (PRM) that provides you a smart way to manage partners and accelerate growth. If you want to optimize your indirect sales like PPC Protect, contact us for a personalized demo.

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