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Partner Marketing: Bringing Your Partner Strategy to Life

The effectiveness of your partnership strategy relies on the strength of your go-to-market plan. Ensuring a well-defined partner marketing approach is in place is crucial for unlocking the full potential of your partnerships. This distinction can determine whether everyone involved experiences a mutually beneficial situation or faces a subpar outcome.
Bring Your Partner Marketing Strategy to Life
Published on
February 21, 2024

This article was written by Scott Cooper, Director of Marketing Operations at Hockey Stick Advisory. A highly experienced marketing and operations leader within the Australian and International tech community, he is leading Partner Marketing efforts at Hockey Stick by guiding customers through the entire process from start to finish.

Your Partnership Strategy is only as good as your go-to-market plan. So, making sure that you have a clear Partner Marketing to fully unlock the potential of your partnerships can be the difference between a win-win-win situation for everyone involved or having a subpar experience.

Partner marketing plays a pivotal role in rolling out new partners by harnessing the strengths and audiences of both partners involved, creating a unified offering that significantly boosts reach, innovation, and market penetration beyond the capabilities of any single organisation alone.

Without a clearly defined strategy, partnerships risk goal misalignment, diluted brand messaging, and missed growth opportunities.

A sound partnership marketing strategy ensures aligned movement toward common goals with clear communication and messaging, consistent branding, and targeted engagement activities. It leverages each partner's unique strengths, aligns marketing efforts across channels, and meticulously measures success, transforming potential into tangible, measurable growth.

This strategic approach not only supercharges the effectiveness of any partnership but also cultivates enduring, sustainable growth outcomes for everyone involved.

To understand more about the core pillars of our Partner Marketing processes, here’s a look at some of the key aspects we cover in making sure you execute at the highest level:

Getting Your Brand Ready for the Spotlight

Before progressing to the partner marketing stage, it is crucial to confirm your brand's readiness for the spotlight.

Ensure your core brand narrative is engaging, your value proposition is evident, and your internal teams are aligned.

A meticulously prepared brand not only draws suitable partners but also establishes the groundwork for a partnership that connects with your audience.

The focus is on presenting your brand as not only appealing but also compelling.

If your own brand is in order, how can you expect to co-market it alongside your partner's brand?

Aligning Your Messaging

Consistency in messaging is like playing the right notes in a symphony—it needs to be in perfect harmony. Your audience expects a cohesive story across all touchpoints, and it's crucial that your partnership efforts reflect this.

Unified messaging reinforces your brand's identity and ensures that the partnership narrative is clear, compelling, and resonant.

Make sure you have a clear and aligned joint value proposition so that your audience and your partner's audience understand the value of your partnership.

Choosing Your Channels Wisely

Selecting the right channels for your partner marketing efforts is akin to picking the right stage for a play. You need to know where your audience gathers, what captivates them, and how they like to engage.

Whether it's leveraging the power of social media, the personal touch of email marketing, or the interactive allure of webinars, choosing the right channels is about ensuring your message not only reaches your audience but truly engages them.

Understanding where and how to reach your audience will change from partner to partner - so you need to take the time to really optimise the way that you market to them so you don’t waste time on ineffective channels.

Create Meaningful Content & Conversations

Effective communication with your audience is what turns a good partnership into a great one. It's about creating conversations that engage, inform, and inspire.

Authentic storytelling, compelling content, and a genuine connection with your audience can transform passive observers into active participants and loyal advocates.

Leverage your data and customers to show the value of your partnership on both sides and drive home why this partnership adds value for your customers.

Crafting Impactful Resources and Collateral

Behind every successful partnership are the resources and collateral that support it. These are the tools and materials that help convey the value of your partnership, engage your audience, and empower your sales teams.

From co-branded content to educational materials, the right resources can make all the difference in how your partnership is perceived and how effective it is in achieving its goals.

Leveraging tools such as Partner Relationship Management software (PRM) can really help you store, distribute, and track your resources. It’s important to ensure that you select a PRM that best suits your needs and is easy for all parties to use. With Kiflo, you can create and share co-branded assets with your partners in one place, making it easy for them to download the collateral whenever needed.

Creating the right content for your audience at each stage of their journey can drastically improve your conversion rate and speed to get there!

Tracking and Celebrating Your Success

In the world of partner marketing, measuring your success isn't just about patting yourself on the back; it's about understanding what works, what doesn't, and how to optimise for even greater impact.

Setting clear KPIs and regularly reviewing your performance allows you to fine-tune your strategy, ensuring that your partnership continues to drive value for your business.

Leveraging your PRM for tracking performance can really help you get a clear overview of your performance and areas to improve. By using Kiflo as your PRM of choice, you will be able to seamlessly streamline your entire partner operations, including recruiting, onboarding, lead tracking, deal registration, content sharing, and communication channels. Not only that, but you will also be able to track every KPI connected to your processes and not miss any potential opportunities!

Don’t send out marketing campaigns blindly, hoping for the best - be strategic and measure everything!

Why Partner with Hockey Stick Advisory?

Over the last 18 months, Hockey Stick Advisory has been at the forefront of crafting and delivering bespoke partnership strategies that have propelled our clients' growth to new heights.

As we embrace the next phase in our evolution, we're focused on enabling Partner Marketing and converting these insights into actionable, impactful strategies from end to end - without overloading founders or small partner teams.

The Hockey Stick is much more than just identifying potential partners; we delve into the essence of what makes a partnership thrive.

But our service doesn't stop at best in class Partnership Strategies.

Execution is key, and we're all about enabling our clients to roll out their partner strategies with confidence through Partner Marketing. Through brand development, content creation, communications rollout, automation, and optimising events, our focus is on ensuring that every aspect of the partner marketing strategy is fine-tuned for maximum effect.

Our team works tirelessly to ensure that these strategies not only resonate with the target audience but also drive meaningful engagement and, ultimately, growth.

This next evolution of Hockey Stick Advisory is dedicated to enabling partner marketing and providing an end-to-end service when it comes to rolling out and enabling new partners.

Our approach is bespoke, our insights are data-driven, and our commitment is unwavering. With us, you're not just investing in a service; you're investing in a partnership that's focused on achieving exponential growth.

So, ready to embark on this partner marketing adventure with Hockey Stick Advisory?

Let’s have a chat and get you up and running!

Not sure if you need help?

Take our Partner Marketing Scorecard to see how you stack up against others in your industry.

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