How to Build an Effective Partner Marketing Strategy

How to Build an Effective Partner Marketing Strategy
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If you haven't started co-marketing with your partners, then you are missing out a huge opportunity for growth and shared mutual value. This course is designed for partnership and marketing professionals wanting to increase success in their programs via high-quality partner marketing campaigns.

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You will learn how to develop, organize and implement an effective partner marketing strategy for your program's unique needs and objectives.

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Shawnie Hamer
As a writer turned teacher, turned curriculum developer, turned content marketing specialist, Shawnie is passionate about creating accessible and useful learning materials to each and every user. In her role of Head of Marketing & Partner Marketing at Kiflo, she's responsible for developing value-driven inbound and partner marketing strategies. When she isn't working, you can find her on the yoga mat, buried in a book, or traveling.
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Welcome to the Course!

Meet the instructor, Shawnie Hamer, and get an overview of what to expect in the course.
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What is Partner Marketing (& Why it Matters)

What is partner marketing? And how does it benefit my partner program? Learn this and more in this section of our course.
The Foundations of Partner Marketing
What is Channel Partner Marketing?
5 Best Software for Partner Marketing


Building Your Partner Marketing Strategy

Learn how to build an effective partner marketing strategy for your program's unique needs.
Structuring Your Partner Marketing Strategy
Understanding Your B2B ICP: A Template
How A PRM Can Enhance Your Partner Marketing Strategy


Best Practices for Executing Partner Marketing

Gain industry insights and best practices for partner marketing.
Executing Partner Marketing Like a Pro
Partner Marketing Assessment Rubric
Notion Template: Partner Marketing Calendar
How Chili Piper Excels Their Program With Partner Marketing
Partner Marketing Calendar - A Notion Template


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