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How the GMnP drive Partner Engagement

Learn hot to drive Partner Engagement with the Greatest Minds in Partnerships interviews.
How the GMnP drive partner engagement
Published on
May 3, 2023


Are you curious about the secrets to successful partnerships? Do you ever wonder what sets apart thriving partnerships from those that don't quite make the cut? 

Or maybe, just maybe, you're tired of sifting through mundane Google searches and prefer to hear from renowned experts. Our Greatest Minds in Partnership articles are exactly what you need. 

Trust us, we needed them too.

These are more than just interviews or Q and A’s, they are authentic conversations that provide valuable insights into the partner ecosystem.

They help us, and you, learn more about this world of all things partners. Our visitors, customers, and of course, our partners have found immense value in these interviews, which have driven partner engagement to new heights.

Here are a few insights into how the GMnP did exactly that.

Build Trust 

We all know that in partnerships, trust is the name of the game, and trust is built on honesty, communication, shared knowledge, and collaboration. 

Look at the most successful partnerships out there, they all have one thing in common: a one-team mentality, as Jennifer Richey highlights in her GMnP interview: One Team, One Ecosystem: A Conversation With Jennifer Richey. This mindset builds trust because it fosters honesty and the sense that everyone is working together towards a common goal. 

When partners see that a business is transparent and open to communication, they are more likely to invest in the partnership. It shows that the company is not just focused on sales, but also on being thought leaders and educating customers and potential partners about their brand.

To break it down further…

Building trust leads to an increased willingness to take risks and innovate. This results in a collaborative effort to find solutions that benefit both parties, ultimately resulting in increased engagement.

In Adam Pasch's words:

“It’s the intention signal that builds the trust. When everyone is interested in building a relationship to support each other, it leads to working together on projects that have results. Trust takes time to build, but it gets easier as you go along.”

Bonus point: When partners work together and trust each other, they create a positive image in the eyes of their customers and stakeholders. 

This positive reputation can help attract more customers and increase revenue. 

Simply put, the idea and possibilities of increased revenue  = partner engagement.

Empowerment = Engagement 

Now, let us guide you towards an enlightening GMnP interview titled "How Webflow Empowers Partners & Customers" where we had the privilege of conversing with Ethan Lewis, who gave us insight into what empowering partners means for partner engagement.

According to Ethan Lewis, empowering partners is not just about giving them a "kick-start" but providing them with a deeper understanding of the world of partnerships. 

The GMnP articles and interviews achieve this by imparting knowledge about the tools and resources partners need to thrive. This involves equipping them with the skills and expertise to tackle new challenges and expand their businesses.

So, how does this work? 

By engaging with partner leaders and directors from different companies through these interviews, partners can learn about other challenges and their strategies to overcome them. They can also discover novel ideas and approaches to incorporate into their partnership programs.

But it doesn't stop there. 

The power of the GMnP articles and interviews extends far beyond their informative and educational content. They inspire partners to forge meaningful connections with one another. 

By tapping into the collective brilliance of our partnership network, the ultimate goal is to foster a vibrant community of passionate and proactive partners who feel empowered to collaborate and make a difference together.

Connections at Every Level: Grassroots Strategies for Partner Engagement

Ever heard of the grassroots approach?

No worries, we've got you covered! 

It's all about making connections at every level of an organization to consistently drive leads, revenue, and of course engagement. We had the honor of learning this from Rasheité Calhoun in her interview "Greatest Minds in Partnerships: No Pressure, No Diamonds".

How does this fit in with the GMnP articles and interviews and driving partner engagement? 

The information provided targets every partnership level, from the top partnership expert to the beginners level.

For example:

At the top level, you'll discover how senior leaders, VPs, and heads of partnerships align their strategies with their partner's goals and objectives. 

In the middle level, our expert partner marketers and sales teams will show you how to drive meaningful partnerships. 

And for beginners, we've got you covered too. You can learn how partnerships started and optimized, learn about the strategies and tactics that have worked for others in the past, and apply them to their partnerships. This will help you avoid common pitfalls and nail those partner pitches like a pro!

Stack Your Stack: What Tech the Greatest minds in Partnerships are Using 

And now for the big question: what helps businesses, managers, directors, and partners, in the greatest minds in partnerships, in managing all these partners they speak of? How do companies like Crossbeam, Reveal, and Customer.io, manage their partners and drive partner engagement? 

Managing partners must be challenging, right?

Thanks to the tech that has come to the rescue to create a comprehensive and cohesive system for managing partners, it doesn't have to be. Stacking your stack and driving partner engagement is now easier than ever and can be done on a one platform.

So, what exactly is the tech that these GMnPs are using? 

The latest and cutting-edge approach to partnership management lies in PRM platforms, which offer a seamless and all-encompassing system for partner management. 

Acting as a central hub, PRM platforms facilitate partner communication, collaboration, and performance tracking. They also provide valuable tools such as lead distribution, deal registration, and training and certification programs.

Why are PRMs the way to go? 


By tracking key metrics like submitted leads,  deals registration and revenue generated, PRMs boost visibility into the partner ecosystem. Partnership leaders can identify top-performing partners and focus on nurturing those relationships. 

This, in turn, drives revenue growth and strengthens the overall partner ecosystem.


PRMs give partners the necessary tools and resources for success. For example, an academy course that not only offers training and certification programs but also an effective and holistic approach to how partners can increase their understanding of the company's goods and services, expand their own businesses, and, ultimately, improve sales performance.

Streamlining Processes

Partner engagement is key, and PRM platforms allow partners to focus on more strategic activities by automating routine tasks such as lead generation and follow-up. This keeps partners engaged and motivated as they can see the impact of their efforts on the business.

Personalized Experience

With the right technology, you can create personalized experiences for partners, tailoring the information and resources to their needs and interests. This helps to keep partners engaged and motivated.


And lastly, a well-stacked tech stack allows partners to communicate more effectively with your business and collaborate more efficiently, sharing ideas and best practices. This creates a sense of community among partners, driving engagement and motivation.

How can the right tech stack help you drive partner engagement?

Imagine being able to send targeted emails and push notifications that speak directly to your partners' interests and behaviors. This means more engaged partners and more successful partnerships!

But that's just the beginning. You can also create personalized landing pages and portals for each of your partners, giving them a tailor-made experience that caters to their unique needs.

And the best part? 

You can track your partners' progress in real-time. With this valuable insight, you can identify areas for improvement and provide timely feedback and support.

So, the question we have for you…

Are you ready to take your partner engagement to the next level? 

Let's get started!

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