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Gain Confidence from your Partners & Increase Loyalty

Successful partnership relationships begin by building trust. Let your partners register their deals and ensure that each opportunity is secure, visible, and organized to avoid any channel conflict.

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Create Harmony Between Partners

Deal Ownership

When a partner registers a deal with Kiflo, they can claim ownership over the deal, ensuring that no other partner or salesperson can interfere during the process. Having clear ownership eliminates potential conflicts between partners and other sales reps, creating a harmonious relationship between you and your partners.

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Ensure Deals are Kicked-Off Right

Deal Approval & Acknowledgement

In a partnership ecosystem, you want to make sure your deals are being treated by the right partners. Once a deal has been registered by a partner in Kiflo, you can accept or refuse the deal. This ensures that there are no channel conflicts and that the deal is handled by the right partner to enhance your closing rate. Once your partners receive permission, they are sure to receive the commissions or rewards for the deal, adding another layer of trust to the relationship.

Keep your Sales Moving and on Track

Deal Timeline Management & Reminders

When creating a new deal, you and your partners can add a timeline to the deal to verify that it is being followed-up efficiently. By adding reminders, you ensure that nothing slips through the cracks, and keep your deals on track to meet your overall sales goals.

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Goran Stefanovic

Kiflo gives us a single tool to manage and scale our partner network. With its feature-rich partner portal it helps us attract and retain the best partners.

Goran Stefanovic, Head of Alliances
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