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A GTM Perspective of Partnerships Technology with Revenue Wizards

This guide tackles the top challenges in partnership programs: oversight, alignment, and reporting. Learn how using partnership technology effectively can boost your program and ROI.
Published on
April 5, 2024

Outbound sales were never as hard as in 2024.

Despite that, some companies are striving. CROs of those high-growth companies are investing more in their channel sales. Companies investing in a partner program increase their revenue by up to 58%, and established partnership programs like Microsoft’s contribute 95% of their commercial revenue through partners.

A partnership program indirectly increases your salesforce by 2-10x+ times. More people selling your solution is not the only benefit. The partners’ salesforce also comes with their own network of buyers, allowing them to reach prospects for your software more easily than you ever could.

However, partnership programs face three biggest challenges: oversight, alignment, and reporting.

This resource helps you overcome these particular challenges. Learn why partnership technology and its proper usage is essential for elevating your partner program and achieve bigger ROI.

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