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Build Your Ideal Partner Persona

An Ideal Partner Persona (IPP) helps you and your company focus your partnership efforts and streamline recruitment strategies. Build and discover your IPP with this easy-to-use template.
Published on
April 7, 2022

Recruit Valuable Partners From the Very Beginning

This comprehensive IPP template includes:

  • How to recognize your target partner audience
  • Segmented sections with detailed instructions on how to translate your data and goals into an IPP
  • Structured questions and activities for clarifying the value your company will bring to an IPP
  • The questions most frequently asked by ideal partners

An IPP Gives Your Partner Program a Bullseye to Aim Towards

An Ideal Partner Persona (IPP) is a research-based profile or a semi-fictional representation of your ideal partner based on market data and program goals. Having an IPP from the very beginning of your partner program ensures that you work smarter not harder; IPPs streamline recruiting efforts towards partners who are relevant, communicative, engaged, and an overall culture fit.

In this editable template, we take you through the steps of sorting through your data and overall goals and translating that information into an IPP. Once completed, you can share this resource with your larger team to ensure that goals are aligned, and that time and resources are never wasted on unqualified partners.

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