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Building Your Partner Business Plans

Business plans provide a roadmap for you and your partner. Learn how to build comprehensive business plans with this free guide.
Published on
November 15, 2022

Create Transparency & Partner Alignment With Business Plans

Use this interactive worksheet to:

  • Develop your unique value and mission statements.
  • Set value-driven objectives for yourself and your partner.
  • Identify sales and marketing goals that will help you achieve long-term goals.
  • Discover tools to help you construct business plans and track partners’ progress.

Make Sure You & Your Partners are Working Towards the Same Goals

A business plan is a list of goals that are defined for a specific time period, and that will be tracked to measure the performance of the partner. This differs from the partnership agreement, which is the contract you sign at the beginning of the relationship to define legal boundaries.

Business plans provide a roadmap for you and your partner. It explains how you will work together, what goals you’ll try to reach, and how you will measure progress.

But in order to create clear, trackable, and valuable business plans, you first must get clear on your company and program value, goals, and mission. Learn how with our interactive guide.

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