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How SMBs Scale Their Partner Programs With Kiflo

It's no secret that SMBs choose Kiflo to help scale their partner programs. But how do they do it? This eBook breaks down how our customers take advantage of Kiflo's features to quickly scale their partner programs.
Published on
March 1, 2023

Having a Partner Platform Grows Your Program. Period.

Kiflo helps SMBs like yours see rapid growth via partner programs, and we have the receipts to show for it. In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • Common pain points SMBs face in their partner programs
  • An extensive breakdown of the enterprise-level partnership tools we’ve built for SMBs
  • How SMBs use Kiflo’s features to streamline operations and boost communication
  • How Kiflo allows SMBs to find more motivated partners, save hours on administrative tasks, and, ultimately, get more sales.

Program Growth Isn’t Just About the Bottom Line—It’s Also About Building Great Relationships

When you make all your partner interactions simple, productive, and intuitive, working together becomes easier and more enjoyable for both you and your partners. Not only that, but it makes scaling your partner program—and growing your business—much more achievable, realistic, and sustainable.

This eBook dives into the common mistakes SMBs make when trying to manage their affiliate, referral, and reseller partner programs. More importantly, it explains how SMBs use Kiflo’s features, such as lead/deal registration and Partner Portals (among many others!), to rapidly grow the size and quality of their partnerships.

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