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Partnerships are the fastest-growing revenue channel. Catapult your success by building a partner program in Kiflo that is tailored to your company’s unique goals and needs.
“I eventually landed on Kiflo because it was better suited and priced for startups. The rest is history because the more I learned and the more I tried, the more it felt right and easy to build something tailored to our needs.”
Rick Angelicola
Director Global Business Development and Partnerships
Features for new partner programs

Build a Strong Foundation for Your Partner Program

With Kiflo, you’ll create an organized and scalable partner program from Day 1.

Create Multiple Partner Programs

Create one or multiple Affiliate, Referral, and Reseller partner programs to build your partner ecosystem.

Customize Your Partner Portals

Ensure partners’ access to exclusive and relevant content via tailored partner portals.

Motivate Partners With Program Tiers

Define multiple tiers in your partner programs, including the rewards, benefits, and requirements for each level.
Partner Success at every stage

Optimize Your Partner Journey

Kiflo streamlines each stage of your partnerships. Discover others stages.

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