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Attract and recruit committed partners for your programs, all in one place.
“Kiflo gives us a single tool to manage and scale our partner network. With its feature-rich partner portal, it helps us attract and retain the best partners.”
Goran Stefanovic
Head of Alliances
Partner recruitment features

Never Miss an Opportunity to Scale

Kiflo provides a one-stop hub for managing your partner recruitment strategies.

Streamline Partner Application

Connect Kiflo to the application form on your partner page to manage all incoming partner applications and automatically respond to inquiries.

Customize Your Partner Prospection Pipeline

Use our Prospection Pipeline to structure and scale your partner recruitment processes.

Align Communication

Write important notes, create automated tasks, and log meetings to ensure you never lose a partnership opportunity.
Partner Success at every stage

Optimize Your Partner Journey

Kiflo streamlines each stage of your partnerships. Discover others stages.

Streamline your partner recruitment strategy

Join over 250+ companies already scaling their Partner Program with Kiflo.