Invest in Your Partners and They’ll Invest in You

Nurture trust and prove mutual benefit with partners by simplifying rewards, benefits, and payouts.
“There were so many times that partners would ask, ‘Okay, why was it calculated this way?’ But with Kiflo, things are automated. They can see when these goals are achieved and how they are calculated. That's taken a big load off of us from having to do things manually. It's just very seamless.”
Josh Logro
General Manager
Key rewards features

Show Partners What You’re Made Of

Here are some of the many features that help build trust, transparency, and loyalty with partners.

Customizable Reward Models

Define tailor-made reward models for each type and tier of partner, including communicating how commissions are structured and paid out.

Integrate With Your Current Tools

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Simply connect your current tools like Stripe to streamline the transaction and reward process with partners.

Always Stay Up-to-Date on Rewards & Payouts

Align internal teams by keeping partners up-to-date on their rewards and payout statuses.

Ask for an Invoice

Make accounting easy! Simply ask partners to upload invoices directly into Kiflo and speed up the payout process.
Partner Success at every stage

Optimize Your Partner Journey

Kiflo streamlines each stage of your partnerships. Discover others stages.

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