Engaged Partners = Successful Programs

Nurture excited, motivated, and supported partners at each step of their journey by providing an easy-to-use hub for tasks and growth.
“Our partners are more engaged thanks to Kiflo. It’s easier to close deals since they have instant access to the information they need.”
Resham Ganglani
Key engagement features

Keep Each Partner Interaction Simple and Valuable

Kiflo provides key tools that help partners thrive in your program.

Detect Inactive Partners Quickly

Create custom workflows based on program data that help you identify and reconnect with inactive partners and maintain healthy relationships.

Share Valuable Leads

Effortlessly share, assign, and track leads with your partners. In just a few clicks, you can share all the information necessary for them to successfully engage your potential customers.

Keep Partners Updated

Easily share news such as product updates and major wins to keep your program at the forefront of your partners’ operations.
Partner Success at every stage

Optimize Your Partner Journey

Kiflo streamlines each stage of your partnerships. Discover others stages.

Engage your partner ecosystem

Join over 250+ companies already scaling their Partner Program with Kiflo.