Building Scalable Systems for Your SaaS Partner Program

Learn how to make your SaaS partner program more efficient so you can scale more quickly.
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Are you a partnership professional or leader working in the SaaS industry seeking tacitcal stratetgies for scaling their partner ecosystem? Join this course to start growing today!

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Learn easily implemented techniques, best practices, and tools for assessing the scalability of your current SaaS program, identifying bottlenecks, and adjusting toward growth.

Meet the instructor

Philippe Swamy
Philippe is the Head of Partnerships at Kiflo PRM where he specializes in building value-driven relationships with partners from around the world. On top of his expertise in Partnership Relationship Management and the Kiflo software, he has worked in several successful startups as a Business Development and Sales professional. When he’s not helping SMBs amplify their programs, you can find him biking or running in the mountains with his two dogs, Ellie and Newton.
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Discover what you'll learn in this course



Discover what you'll learn in this course.
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Partner Segmentation & Categorization

Discover how to segment, categorize, and organize partners to determine opportunities for scaling.
Organizing SaaS Partner Programs
Example Criteria for Organizing SaaS Partners
The Art of Successful SaaS Partner Programs


Internal & External Documentation

Learn how both internal and external documentation helps SaaS partner programs scale.
Building Internal & External Documents
A Guide to Creating Your Deal Flow Process
Building Your Partner Business Plans
Build Your Ideal Partner Persona: A Template
How to Use Partner Lifetime Value™ vs Partner Economics
How to Build a Channel Partner Agreement Template


Implementing Automation

Learn how to use tech to efficiently automate your SaaS partner program.
Automating Your SaaS Partner Program
How to Scale your SaaS Business with PRM Software
The Ultimate Guide to Finding Partners
4 Examples to Build the Perfect SaaS Partner Program
CRM and PRM Integration Benefits: HubSpot & Kiflo
7 Easy Ways to Scale Your SaaS Partner Program
7 Best Partner Management Software
10 Best Software to Use Alongside Your PRM


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