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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Partners

Learn our 5 Hyper-Practical Steps to Finding, Contacting, and Closing the Best Partners for your SMB.
Published on
April 28, 2022

Learn the Ins & Outs of Partner Recruitment

Read this eBook and learn how to:

  • Create an Ideal Partner Persona so that you know the kind of partners to look for in the vast pool of options out there. 
  • Search for partner companies that fit the Partner Persona via Google, LinkedIn, or by looking for partners with whom your competitors are working. 
  • Use LinkedIn to find the specific Point of Contact (POC) for a potential partner.
  • Upload data to Lemlist, an outbound campaign tool, and create a multi-channel campaign that optimizes your response rate.
  • Finally, start working with your partners in the best way possible.

Use These Methods and Tools to Expedite the Recruitment Process and Start Working with New Partners Right Away

More often than not, when you are trying to figure out how to look for the right partners for your business, you find many theoretical ways to build a partner program.

Not today!

In this guide, you will discover the best (and truly practical) methods in the industry to grow your partner base. Not only will these methods be automated to increase your efficiency in finding partners, but they will also free up your time to be able to focus on developing strong partner relationships.

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