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Partner Onboarding Guide With Three Examples

Learn how to best onboard affiliate, referral, and reseller partners with this comprehensive guide.
Published on
March 29, 2023

Set Your Partners Up for Success

With our partner onboarding guide, you will:

  • Understand how to give partners the necessary skills they need to be successful in your program.
  • Develop strategies to effectively onboard affiliate, referral, and reseller partners.
  • See step-by-step examples of different partner onboarding strategies.

Build a Strong Foundation With New Partners

Onboarding your partners isn’t just about getting them to sign a form; it’s also about laying the groundwork for a successful partnership.Partner onboarding is the process of providing your partners with the necessary skills to be successful in marketing and selling your products, representing your brand values, navigating your platform, and more!

Our comprehensive guide will help you to build customizable and scalable partner onboarding pipelines that will nurture successful partnerships for the long term.

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