May 13, 2022

Use This Lemlist & LinkedIn Automation to Find Partners

Learn how this Lemlist & LinkedIn automation can enhance and automize your partner recruitment strategy.


Finding and recruiting partners for your top-notch partner program can take some time. Fortunately, there are a few best practices and some pretty amazing tools out there that can help save time so you can focus your efforts on building strong channel partnerships.

You’ll want to make sure you have a sound strategy for finding and connecting with potential partners. Every channel partner recruitment campaign is an opportunity to learn more about what works and improve each time.

Following up is key, and automating this process can free up valuable hours to concentrate on nurturing existing partnerships and cultivating new ones. In this article, you will learn about Lemlist and LinkedIn Automation as well as how to use these tools to find, contact, and follow up with potential partners for maximum success.  

What is Lemlist? 

Lemlist is an outreach platform suitable for a variety of business sizes. From large-scale campaigns to 1-1 communication, it helps you initiate conversations that will get replies using three key features: 

  • Ability to customize sequences with unique landing pages, personalized images, and more!

  • Lemwarm: an automated email warm-up feature that maximizes your email deliverability and helps keep your messages out of the spam folder 

  • Ability to send multi-channel sequences to increase your response rate

Lemwarm is a tool offered by Lemlist that helps increase email response rates.

This tool can be helpful in creating your very own partner outreach campaign. Simple to use, and with an array of customizable templates to choose from, Lemlist is a great tool to have in your partner recruitment arsenal.

The Value of LinkedIn in Partner Recruitment Strategies

You already know what LinkedIn is, so let’s get right to why it’s important to leverage this networking platform in your partner recruitment strategy. You can customize your search to reflect your Ideal Partner Persona (IPP) and filter results based on criteria such as company size, keyword, location, and industry. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, so your search is bound to yield many viable results. You can extract the data from your search using a tool like ProspectIn.

Using LinkedIn to find potential partners is a great way to save time while also making sure you’re leaving no stone unturned. Including LinkedIn in your partner recruitment strategy is an excellent way to help you encounter new potential partners that align with your IPP.  

In our ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Finding Partners, we walk you through the Lemlist & LinkedIn automation, as well as share other techniques, technology, and best practices for finding qualified partners.

Creating a Lemlist & LinkedIn Automation

You can use Lemlist together with LinkedIn Automation to get the most out of your partner recruitment strategy. Using the list of companies you’ve compiled using your data scraping tool like ProspectIn, use LinkedIn to identify the best Point of Contact (POC) within their organization. You can do this by typing the company name into the search bar, clicking on “All employees,” and then contacting the POC. 

Lemlist allows you to launch simultaneous email and LinkedIn messaging campaigns through one single tool. Once you’ve created your Lemlist account and selected your plan (we suggest the Sales Engagement package, which is $99 per month), create a campaign in Lemlist. You can do this by going to your setting and selecting the Scanners tab; this will allow scanners to enrich the data for your campaign.

Go to the Google Chrome Store and download the Lemlist chrome extension. From the extension, you’ll want to sign into your Lemlist account. Connect the extension to your LinkedIn account, and voilà, you’re ready to begin your contact campaign. 

You can make sure you have GDPR-compliant email addresses for your contacts by using Dropcontact, which can be integrated with Lemlist. Then, create a sequence in Lemlist which will allow you to choose the timing, frequency, and content of the messages to your contacts. 

Example of a contact campaign sequence using Lemlist.

It’s simple to use Lemlist for your LinkedIn partner recruitment efforts. Once you have everything set up and automated, you can relax and get ready to measure the impact of your efforts. 

Measuring the Performance of Your Partner Recruitment Campaign 

It’s important to create a plan for the continuous improvement of your recruitment campaign. There are always ways to improve, and Lemlist allows you to measure the impact of your email and LinkedIn campaigns. After sending your messages and emails, you should check the open rate, click rate, and reply rate. Based on these metrics, A/B test some changes that will make your outreach more successful. For example, if the open rate is high but the click rate is low, your subject line might be enticing, but you can improve the body content to increase clicks. Make sure you test one change at a time to get an accurate picture of what yields the best results. 


Creating intentional and impactful partner recruitment strategies is so much simpler with technology on your side. You can use the Lemlist outreach platform in tandem with LinkedIn to find and connect with potential partners that meet your IPP. Using LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, is a sure bet for finding partner companies.  You can customize your campaign through Lemlist and measure results to ensure that your messages and emails are being well received. 

Once you’ve found and initiated contact with potential partners, a PRM platform, like Kiflo, can support your partner recruitment efforts through seamless onboarding, an intuitive partner portal, clear metrics, and so much more. This makes designing and executing recruitment campaigns a breeze.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the benefits of using Lemlist automations?

Lemlist enables you to save time by automating customized messages and follow-ups which can allow you to focus more on building relationships.

Can I recruit partners with LinkedIn?

Yes, you can use Lemlist and Dropcontact to recruit prospective partners through LinkedIn.

What is the best way to recruit partners for my program?

You can recruit partners by first creating an IPP, then using Google and LinkedIn to find companies that match your IPP.

What technology can help me with partner recruitment?

There are many technology tools available to aid in partner recruitment. We recommend Lemlist and ProspectIn. Investing in a good PRM, like Kiflo, will also support partner recruitment and onboarding.

What is the best way to contact potential partners on LinkedIn?

Identify the best POC by looking at the potential partner company’s employee list. Obtain their email address and reach out through LinkedIn messaging and email to initiate conversation.

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