Deal Management

Gain Full Visibility over Your Indirect Sales & Stay on the Same Page as your Partners

Time is money. Data is power. View all your indirect sales deals instantly with the click of a button. You get actionable data without wasting time. What more do you need?

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deal management

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Track The Progression of your Deals

Deal Pipeline

In a Pipeline view, you can see the evolution of your deals and which stage of the sales cycle they are in, along with the forecasted revenue. You and your partners can easily drag and drop your deals from one stage to another as they progress. Your partners will also have access to their own deal pipeline, keeping you on the same page and letting them easily manage their deals.

deal track progression
deal search

Find Any Deal Instantly & View the Full History

Deal Search Engine & Visibility

You can instantly search and find deals in the Kiflo ecosystem and easily filter through them based on Deal Status, Partner Owner, Contact Name, Assigned User, Lead Source, etc. Once you find a deal, you can view notes, attachments, partners and transactions linked to the deal. All information can be seen in one glance helping you find what you want in seconds.

Exchange and Communicate with your Partners on a Deal

Deal Collaboration

Increase the visibility of your deals with organized collaboration. Instead of exchanging cluttered emails with your partners, you can easily communicate with your partners on each deal. Information is recorded in one place and accessible to all parties involved at all times.

partner notes attachments

Discover some other features

Deal Registration

Gain confidence from your Partners & increase loyalty.

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Lead Sharing

Stay organized & increase the chances of closing more deals.

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Partner Portal

Enhance the autonomy of your Partners & increase their engagement

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Goran Stefanovic

Kiflo gives us a single tool to manage and scale our partner network. With its feature-rich partner portal it helps us attract and retain the best partners.

Goran Stefanovic, Head of Alliances
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