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Enhance the Autonomy of your Partners & Increase their Engagement

Treat your partners as you want them to treat your best customers. Support them with everything they need and equip them with the best tools to manage their sales and deals. They are sure to stay motivated and work harder.

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Increase Partner Engagement

Personalized Portals & News

Did you know Kiflo lets you personalize your partners’ portals with your company’s brand identity? This will help your partner to identify with your brand and feel engaged in their collaboration. You can also personalize your partners’ dashboards with several widgets like pertinent news, your twitter feed, personalized KPIs and more. By staying connected to your partners, you can have a healthy and lasting relationship with your partners.

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Grant your Partners with a Personal Portal

Personal Sales Pipeline

Kiflo offers a Partner Portal which gives your partners everything they need to manage their customers. They can easily track and follow up with their deals using their own personal sales pipeline. Necessary documents are updated and made available anytime, ensuring an organized way of exchanging information. Simplicity and effectiveness are what this is all about.

Let your Partners Track their Objectives

Business Plans

Verify the success of your indirect sales by defining your goals and objectives. With Business Plans, you can make specific marketing, sales, and training objectives for your partners. They are able to view their objectives, and their completion through robust KPIs. They can view the number of leads accepted, registered, won, and revenue made or webinars hosted, etc.

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Discover some other features

Asset Management

Facilitate information exchange & keep all your Partners up-to-date

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Partner Onboarding

Onboard your Partners with ease & get your Partners operational quickly

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Deal Management

Gain full visibility over your indirect sales & stay on the same page as your Partners.

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Goran Stefanovic

Kiflo gives us a single tool to manage and scale our partner network. With its feature-rich partner portal it helps us attract and retain the best partners.

Goran Stefanovic, Head of Alliances
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