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The Best Tools for Partner Recruitment

Take your program to the next level with best tools for partner recruitment.
The Best Tools for Your Partner Recruitment Strategy
Published on
January 17, 2023


Finding the right partners is like searching for buried treasure. 

It may take some digging and hard work, but it will be well worth it when you find the perfect partner!

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At the same time, it is not as simple as a repetitive motion. There are numerous variables to consider, such as the size of your business, the type of partner you seek, the resources available to you, and so on.

That is why, to ensure that you are recruiting the right candidate, it is critical to understand what tools are available for partner recruitment, from screening candidates to finding your ideal partner.

Lucky for you and your business, modern tools have come to the rescue by making it easier and acting as a shovel you can use to unearth potential partners.

They provide clarity and guidance, allowing you to find your way to a successful partnership.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best tools available to help make recruitment processes easier and more efficient for businesses everywhere.

What is Partner Recruitment Software?

Partner recruitment software is like having an extra set of eyes and ears scouring the internet for potential partners.

With the right partner recruitment software, you can find, recruit, and onboard the ideal partner for your company. 

It also provides insight into the partner recruitment process and automates the process of identifying potential partners, assessing their suitability for the role, and managing the onboarding process.

And lastly, its ability to streamline the recruitment process and ensure better results, makes the right partner software an essential tool for any business looking to build successful partnerships.

But before diving in, you should ask yourself:

  • What are some of the benefits my business can expect to gain from using partner recruitment software?
  • How can businesses ensure they are making the most out of their partner recruitment software and/or efforts?
  • And what does your business currently have in use that can help with partner recruitment?

This leads us to our next point.

Using Your Current Tech Stack for Partner Recruitment

Do not be too quick to pay for the most expensive software available because what you need might very well be right under your nose.

While these tools can be useful, they are not always necessary.

After all, you do not need a computer program to tell you that your ideal channel partners could be among your LinkedIn contacts or at a PartnerHacker event. You never know!

The tools already within your reach—such as your PRM, email marketing tools, social media sites, webinars, and virtual events—can be used to reach out to potential partners. Plus, with the right strategies, you can build a powerful network of partners to help your business grow.

Don’t be afraid to leverage the tools already in your tech stack, they could make all the difference!

Tools for Partner Recruitment

As much as it is not necessary to go above and beyond for new tools, we also know that there is nothing worse than guesswork when it comes to the success of your recruitment success.

So, here are some methods that aren't strictly partner recruitment software but are multifunctional tools and platforms that have been proven successful in partner recruitment.


LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator saves you time when searching for possible leads.

LinkedIn is one of the best tools for partner recruitment.

LinkedIn has many features that make it an excellent tool. Companies, for example, can create detailed company pages highlighting their products and services and post openings to attract potential partners.

You can also search for relevant partner professionals based on their skills and experience and use the platforms' messaging system to initiate contact. 

In addition to posting ads to find potential partners, LinkedIn offers powerful analytics tools that allow businesses to track engagement with their posts and measure the success of their recruitment efforts.

What more could you ask for? From advanced search filters to automated messages, LinkedIn might just be the magic tool you need.

Account Mapping Software

Account mapping is the process of comparing or mapping one list of accounts with the list of accounts of another partner.

Additionally, account mapping software makes it simple to track the success of your partner recruitment efforts and ensure that you are maximizing the benefits of your partnerships.

Account mapping software also gives businesses insights into the competitive landscape, enabling them to find potential partners that their competitors might have overlooked.

It can help businesses gain a competitive edge in the partner recruitment process.

Examples of account mapping are Reveal and Crossbeam. These are data platforms that allow companies to securely share customer data and uncover insights to identify potential partners.


Instant and free account mapping with Reveal.

Reveal allows you to identify your top accounts alongside the partners that have the most impact on those accounts' win rate, deal size, and revenue. It also reveals all account overlaps with all your partners, helping you to spot big opportunities and avoid conflict.

Read more about what users think of Reveal here.


Crossbeam's account mapping feature.

Crossbeam allows users to find, connect with, and leverage opportunities with partners in their ecosystem. With a number of seamless integrations and features, this tool ensures aligned and enabled teams.

Read about what users are saying here.


Lemwarm is a tool offered by Lemlist that helps increase email response rates.

Next on the list, we have Lemlist.

Not only does it help you find the right people to partner with, but it also makes the process fun!

One of the primary advantages of using Lemlist for partner recruitment is the ability to target specific audiences with personalized emails tailored to your potential partners' interests.

It speeds up and improves the effectiveness of establishing relationships with them, and thanks to its automated outreach features, you can easily find potential partners without having to spend a lot of time manually searching databases.

Lemlist also makes it simple to monitor the results of your partner recruitment efforts. You can view the emails that have been read, the ones that have elicited responses, and the ones that have generated productive partnerships.

And if all of this wasn't enough, you can even have a little fun with it by customizing your emails with GIFs and emojis! 

Who said partner recruitment had to be boring?


Use Woodpecker's data tracking features to optimize outreach campaigns.

Woodpecker is a user-friendly, automated cold email tool that helps businesses connect with potential partners. 

Users can use the tool to create and send personalized emails to potential partners in bulk, making it an excellent tool for quickly reaching out to large numbers of prospects.

Another exciting thing about using Woodpecker for partner recruitment, similar to Lemlist, is its ability to automate the process so that users can save time and effort. 

It also provides several features, such as editable templates, automated follow-up emails, and detailed analytics, to help users monitor the success of campaigns.

So if you're looking for an automated cold email tool that can help you quickly reach out to potential partners, then Woodpecker is definitely worth a try.

Plus, it's so user-friendly that even a woodpecker could use it!

Slack Communities

Connect with professionals and companies around the world by joining a Slack community.

Slack communities are quickly becoming the go-to tool for partner recruitment.

Slack is a messaging platform that allows users to create and join channels or communities where they can communicate in real time.

It offers a fantastic platform for networking with potential partners and has some unique advantages that other recruitment methods cannot match.

You can, for example, create custom communities for specific topics or interests, such as software development, marketing, or customer service. This allows you to target potential partners who are interested in the same topics and have similar goals.

For example, you can create channels based on:

  • Geographic location, giving you access to potential partners in different countries or regions.
  • Industry, allowing you to target potential partners who are in the same industry as you. This can be especially useful for networking and collaboration.
  • Customer segmentation, ensuring you target potential partners who are in the same customer demographic as you. This can be useful for targeting specific audiences and creating tailored marketing campaigns.
  • Finally, product or service offerings, allowing you to target potential partners who offer products or services that could complement your offerings. This can be beneficial for finding new solutions and expanding your reach.

Sounds interesting right?

Plus, Slack's lighthearted atmosphere makes it easy.

As a bonus, you can set up automated messages to welcome new members to the community and help them get started!

Bonus Tip: Use Your PRM for Partner Recruitment

Accept or decline pending partner applications directly in Kiflo.

Now for a bonus tip before we send you off on your recruitment journey.

Partner recruitment can be a daunting task, but with the help of a PRM, it's like having your own personal assistant! 

You can easily:

  • Approve or decline applications
  • Track progress
  • Streamline the onboarding process, saving time and resources
  • Improve communication between partners and channel managers
  • Get a centralized database of potential partners
  • Send automated emails to keep everyone in the loop

Using a PRM platform for partner recruitment can also help you build strong, long-term relationships with the right partners, ensuring your company's success.

Plus, you don't have to worry about forgetting any important details—the PRM does all the hard work for you! 

Need to know more?

Kiflo PRM offers an easy-to-use platform that simplifies partner recruitment, allowing businesses to find the right partners faster and build better relationships. 

As Teemu Lyytinen, Director of Channel Partnerships at Efecte, shares, "Kiflo has helped us win over 50 successful partners in over 25 countries."

With our unique features such as automation, analytics, and data tracking, Kiflo makes partner recruitment simpler and more efficient than ever before.

And that is not all.

You can get a full overview of prospective partners in real-time, manage relationships more effectively and efficiently, and nurture leads with automated workflow processes—all in one place. 


Finally, keep in mind that it is the partner's quality, attributes, and goals for being in the partnership that defines the partnership and not the software. 

The partner recruitment tools will only help you find and attract the right partners for your company.

There are a variety of tools available, and the best ones for you will depend on your specific needs, but don't forget about your non-digital networks as well. Attend events and talk to contacts about potential partners.

You never know where your secret weapon may lie.

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