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Enhance partner value by putting your partner programs all in one place. Kiflo’s user-friendly features, such as onboarding pipelines, automated communication, tasks, content management, and, of course, customizable partner portals, will boost transparency and trust in your partner relationships.

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Kiflo’s Partner Portal

key benefits

Invest in your partners & they will invest in you

Get the most from your partners

When partners know they are supported and respected, they bring more value to your programs. With partner-centered features like training pipelines, certification, feedback capabilities, customizable partner portals, and interactive dashboards, Kiflo lets your partners know you are as devoted to their success as you are to your own.

Streamline your partner program structure & strategy

Partner Portal software gives an added structure to your programs. Tailor-make your programs and tiers in Kiflo so partners always know what is required of them, how they will benefit from the program, and how to access the tools to succeed.

Set yourself up for growth

Partner Portals are more than just a hub for partners: they are data collection sites that can help you grow your business and make informed decisions. Kiflo provides complete visibility of your program with features such as partner performance tracking, lead and deal updates, partner feedback, ROIs, and customizable data views.

Save time and energy

Setup your partner program operations in our Partner Portal software so that tasks like tracking rewards, calculating payouts, assigning internal and external tasks, and even communicating with partners become automatic. Take these daily, time-consuming responsibilities off your plate and put them into Kiflo.

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Simply request a demo. Once your personalized demo is done, your Kiflo 7-day free trial is activated and you’ll have access to our top-tier subscription features. With no commitments or credit cards, you can test our Partner Portal software without any fear of being charged. Payment only moves forward when you decide to.
Our Accelerate subscription starts at just $299 per month, making Kiflo the most affordable Partner Portal software around. Learn more about pricing and what’s included in our subscriptions by visiting our pricing page.
Why would we limit greatness? Register as many co-workers and partners as you’d like in Kiflo. Pricing is contingent on the number of partners that have access to the Partner Portal. Partners with multiple users are only counted as one active partner.
Kiflo is designed to enhance partner programs of all shapes and sizes. This includes SMBs in the beginning stages of their partner programs, those mid-market businesses with mature programs, and everyone in between. New programs benefit from starting their program with scalable organization and authority. Established programs can enhance their structure, strengthen PR, and streamline daily tasks, saving time and money in the long run.
No way, leave the technical stuff to us! Our Partner Portal software is intuitive, straightforward, and easy for both vendors and partners to use. You’ll never have to code with Kiflo.
Data migration services are offered for an additional fee. This fee is dependent on the size and complexity of your program/data. Please feel free to reach out to with specific questions about this.
Both! Our five-star support team is here for each and every Kiflo customer. You can schedule a one-on-one call regarding technical, strategical, or even creative questions or concerns by emailing our support team at We only win when you do.
Sure thing! You can book a demo with a Kiflo team member, or send your questions to

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